Storify News Study : 10 Reasons Why PUBG Should be Banned in India


PUBG should be banned in our country India:

PUBG “naam tho suna hoga”(You must have heard this name of a game PUBG), a players unknown battleground has become one of the most popular games in these youngsters era. Kids are like spending their regular time playing PUBG, it is indirectly also creating an impact on daily life of a person, either it can be a 10 year old kid or a 25 years old adolescent. The demonic characters in the game might impact a negative or retrospective impact in the young minds. Sticking to their mobile and laptop screens is more than holding a book for few minutes to an hour. In few places the Government in few states decided to ban this game, as it’s creating a controversial note in the young human minds. A game should be like good to play to relief one’s mind but not as worse as holding to it. PUBG corp has shut down 30000 accounts till date for using some cheat codes and was accused too. The only the government also can deal with this issue is to block access on Play store by communicating giants like Google and Apple because it couldn’t be blocked permanently, because all it needs a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to get connected an easily change their location, which really hard for any hacker to hack down or block the network, because it looks more like invisible which cannot be identified that easily. Here are the 10 reasons why PUBG should be banned in our country like India.

  1. Negative impact on young human minds: Young kids after completion of their schools and colleges, heading back to their handsets and mobile phone instead of doing their regular college works which was assigned to them on systematic basis. This is affecting the smooth-running of their interests. These demonic and evil aspects, firing, battle all these would impact young minds.
  2. Forgetting their regular actions: People are so obsessed with this game that they forgot that they had a life to live outside these mini screens. Brains at a certain age develop certain developments where children or youngsters should go out and play those regular physical games and pursue their day to day hobbies.
  3. Less importance on hobbies: Playing a game over online is not unfair, and yes, there is no specific restrictions or blockades being kept by anyone, until and unless when something which has not crossed the limit or boundary. Addiction is the lead reason which is why many people are asking for a ban of this game.
  4. Porn banned why not PUBG: This is the question asked by many people in the public. Anything is dangerous when it leads to addiction. Anything good things addiction is good than addiction for bad things. Like addiction to read more stories or novels is a good sign than addicted to play PUBG for straight long hours.
  5. Mentally damaged: There has been lots of debates and an imbroglio situation in the minds of parents, the reason is mobile and laptop sets tuned and conflagrated with PUBG game. There has been plenty of cases in the beginning. In the initial stages and the inception stage of the game led to 4-5 cases of mental health. Later it tolled to 40-50 per month. The other main thing is students are so addicted that in order to compete with other players residing in other countries and to match their time zones, they are playing overnight till 3 a.m. in the morning which is impacting their brain dysfunction, tiredness and dizziness in the morning hours at schools and colleges, leading to health issues such as nausea, mental illness, tiredness, lack of sleep leading to insomnia.
  6. Affecting education: Indian parents might get compromised with anything, but not with education. Students are not attending tuitions and classes regularly, bunking classes, I have seen students bunking classes for watching movies, but when I heard some students with whom I spoke, some said “Aaj bunk maar diya bhai, PUBG tournament chal raha he” which means, they mean to say that they are playing PUBG tournaments bunking classes, which is impacting their regular schedule.
  7. Spending less time with the outside environment: Ages 15-25 is the age where youngsters should spend more with the outside environment rather than sticking to the digital and virtual screens, because later they’ll definitely regret themselves that they would have spent good time with friends and the green environment outside. It later makes people who are close to them become far slowly, as time pass by. I suggest teenagers to spend more time with outside world, travel and explore every part of themselves. This makes them realize what they are good at.
  8. Parenttime: Eating food together on the same table along with parents is the only time we could see our parents daily, because students would be at schools and colleges and parents who are working will be at office till evenings. So the only so called “parent time” where we sit with our parents, eat, talk and share about everything at the same table. But this PUBG game made kids/teenagers so insane that they ask to keep it on the table or order to their rooms, leading to lack of “parent time” given to their parents by kids/children/youngsters etc.
  9. No time for real friends: Dreaming is not a problem, but living our life without instigating anything to the dreams is a flop thing. PUBG has done the same thing, the reduction of going out and spending real time with friends physically in person has been reduced and alleviated. Tell me when last time is you and your best friends went to a good picture/movie? Maybe you don’t remember right? Or maybe it isn’t important to remember than the number of times you played PUBG, right?
  10. Losing money: Anything to a certain limit is good, but anything that reaches it acme stage is an addiction. And any addiction is bad for an individual. People end up investing money and betting on who’ll win the game and who’ll lose. Forming teams and playing for money, spending the hard earned money by their parents.

Schools, colleges, parents and government are all responsible in some way because they need to keep an eye on every youngster. It’s actually difficult but could restrict limits and make them pursue other hobbies which they want, send them to coaching institutes to learn new courses, or to pursue playing a musical instrument anything that makes them keep away from these mini screens and PUBG for a long time.

Mike Brown
Mike Brown
Mike Brown is an News Editor at Storify News Times - Understand the Breaking News He is an India journalist lives in California, United States. He has worked at several news networks in his career. He specialises in reporting about editorial, advertising and general management topics for World News Publishing Focus, as well as contributing content to the website.

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