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Take Care of Your Silver Chain using the Easy Methods

If you possess a silver chain, you will have to be extra careful. These chains cab catch rust or several other defects due to their chemical reaction with the components of the air. So, here are a few easy methods that you can use for taking care of your Chandi ki Chain and make it look new for years.
  1. Daily care tips- There should be a daily routine to take care of silver chain for girls or women. After every day’s usage, you must wash it with lint-free polish or polishing fabric. Try to avoid sparing perfume near the area of the chain where it touches your skin. If you have done it, the first wash the chain with water, dry it completely and then start with the polishing process. If you follow this routine daily, it will help you clean dirt, extra oils and fingerprints on the chain daily.
  2. Weekly care tips- Even if you clean your chain necklace on a daily basis, you need to clean it with the help of a special solution after you used it regularly for a week. The solution you are using must be free of ammonia and must have a balanced pH level. It should be an ultrasonic cleaner meant for cleaning the chains. This type of cleaning helps in cleaning stains of oils, body lotions, perfumes and dirt on the chain. You can also make use of a thin brush to clean the unreachable corners of the chain if it has a complicated design.
  3. Make use of home remedies- Silver is a metal that can be cleaned with the help of eco-friendly and easily accessible homemade solutions including lime water. Toothpaste can also be a great option to clean your neck chain as it makes it look new by cleaning away all the dirt effectively. If it is a simple chain, you can keep it in the solution of shampoo for an hour or two and rinse it with water. The chain will look like the freshly polished one.
  4. Storage- There is a rule to be followed for the storage of ladies chains. You must store them in a cool, dry and air-tight place. This is crucial because humidity and heat in the atmosphere can have an adverse effect on your precious silver jewellery online. If you keep it here and there negligently, it will catch rust and will of no use within a few weeks or months.
  5. Make use of polishing pads- If your silver chain has started looking tarnished and dull, you can make use of polishing pads to clean it. These pads are available in the market easily. Usually, these pads contain micro-abrasives that work effectively towards cleaning the tarnish as well as dirt from the chain.
If you wish to keep your jewellery maintained and in good condition for long, you must make use of the ideas as mentioned above as well as any other ideas that you have for the same. Silver chains are precious and delicate jewellery items, so it is imperative to take proper care of them. Read More News at Storify News
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