Taxi Brooklyn Season 2: Release Date, Rumors and Speculations


Taxi Brooklyn Season 2 : A show like Taxi Brooklyn under the cop/civilian pairing genre has never been done before. Being the co-production of France and the United States, Taxi Brooklyn is a police procedural comedy TV series inspired by the successful film franchise Taxi, which was written by Luc Besson. The series takes you on an adventure of an unbound team consisting of a taxi driver, a native of France, and a female NYPD detective. You don’t see the combination like that quite often, do you?

Gary Scott Thompson is the creator and is also the executive producer of Taxi Brooklyn. Receiving a mix of good and bad reviews from the critics, the TV series has been successful in grabbing the attention of the viewers. Despite the low score of 51 out of 100 on Metacritic, which was primarily based on the reviews of fifteen critics, the show received favorable opinions from the viewers. The reason why it was rated 6.3 out of 10 by the audience, based on the 31 user ratings. Even though the score is low, it is considered to be a good TV series overall with an IMDB rating of 6.1 out of 10 based on the 2200 votes by the users. The series snatched 5.12 million viewership for the finale of the TV series.

Taxi Brooklyn – Story

With two central characters in Taxi Brooklyn, the show has a captivating storyline. Cat Sullivan (Chyler Leigh) is an Irish-American NYPD detective who has got her driving license suspended. For her driver as well as her personal assistant, she hires Leo Romba (Jacky Ido), a current taxi driver and former prisoner suffering from claustrophobia. As the story progresses, it is proved subsequently that Leo possesses budding skills to be a real-time detective. Patrolling the Brooklyn streets together, the duo has their relationship evolved from being just a cop and taxi driver to trusted allies. They fight crime and also unveils the biggest investigation of the murder of Cat’s father.

Taxi Brooklyn Season 2 possible release date

Taxi Brooklyn had its finale aired in September 2014, with several plot lines and questions still to be answered. Did Cat kill some wrong man as an act of revenge for her father’s murder? Did Cat’s ex-husband try to distance from his girlfriend Giada? A number of user questions still stands unanswered, with the fans really hoping for a second season. However, it was a heart-breaking moment for all the viewers when on Marcg6, 2016, NBC canceled the second season of the show. As of now, reports and speculations suggest that Taxi Brooklyn will not return to NBC with its second season. Since the TV series was canceled in the United States itself, there are chances that the show might return to some other video streaming service. But with the lead cast working in other projects, it is pretty clear that the show will not return in either the USA or France.

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