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The Game Changer At INR 2CRORE GTD: India’s Biggest Poker Tournament

India’s most trusted poker website, PokerBaazi is all set to launch India’s biggest poker tournament till date. It is called the Game Changer and it shall pack a punch with its dinosaur-sized INR 2 CRORE-worth prize pool, including a life-changing INR 50LAC reserved for the victor. It is the first online poker tournament in the country to come with such a gigantic prize pool and is thus being billed as the next BIG thing in India.

What makes playing in the Game Changer so special?

Playing in the INR 2CRORE-worth Game Changer would be quite an experience in itself! It’s like being courted to a ride to the moon and back, and it makes up quite a deal for someone who is busy riding cabs in the capital.

If you love to play poker for real money, this tournament is your best bet to do something worthwhile with your skills. The Game Changer sizzles this winter season with its economical buy-in that comes in at just INR 10k. This would open-up a stellar pathway for you to tread and to go ballistic in the direction of your aim.  

To play among some of the best names in the business on a secure and trusted platform that has a history of dishing out only the best online poker tournaments in India– it just doesn’t get any better than this!

One night + INR 50LACS as top prize = Yes, You Can Win!

Slated to rank among the best online poker tournaments in India, the Game Changer reserves a top prize of INR 50LACS for the winner from its INR 2CROREworth prize pool. It essentially means that you could run home packing a game-changing prize should you end up on the top spot.

You know you are just one decision away from changing your life and making it king-sized!

May God forbid, even if you do not pull-off a miracle that night, you would live the rest of your life feeling proud that you gave even the best poker players a good fight till the very end- and they would always respect you for it!

So what’s the suspense?

Dude, all good things take time!  We want you to run the show in our stellar eight-figure-mark poker tournament and can’t see a reason to divulge all the details now. We have offered our prize pool, top prize and its buy-in as of now. We suggest you to hold your horses for now.

We would be up with a bang way before the show gets underway!

PokerBaazi, India’s most trusted poker website for a BIG reason

Built on an earnest idea of trust and passion, PokerBaazi is a four-year-old online gaming platform in India. It is credited for being the first company in the country to offer an eight-figure prize money for an online poker tournament in 2014 and has dished out several trend-setting endeavours ever since.

The ace company features a distinguished ‘Made in India’ gaming software, an internationally-certified Random Number Generator and a state-of-the-art security system for gaming and payouts. Its flagship poker series, the PokerBaazi Premier League Winter’18 Edition is all set to wow you next month (10th – 16th December) and is sure to further its legacy of being the front runner among the best online poker tournaments in India.

Baazi Rewards: Get rewarded, even when you lose!

PB’s all-new Baazi Rewards are credited for accomplishing the impossible in India’s poker community. This new system of Loyalty Rewards Program has warmed-up the country’s nascent online gaming space to an undefeatable idea that poker players should be rewarded for their passion for the game, even if they do not win every single time.

Because no one wins every time, to be honest.

With Baazi Rewards having a player’s back at all times, winning in all scenarios suddenly became possible for every poker player. We are observing a massive spike in the players’ expectations ever since we rolled out our Baazi Rewards and we are ecstatic about it. We believe that nothing brings us closer to glory than accomplishing the best for them, day in and day out!

Take our capsule!

Do stay tuned for Game Changer, it is coming to wow the town faster than your 4G downlaods. Upgrade to India’s biggest poker tournament and who knows, you could play a game-changing hand to win a life-changing amount in just one night this December?

We have our fingers crossed.

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