The Mastermind Nigerian Scammer doing fraud from inside jail


Anti-corruption official said that one Nigerian has surviving jail from past 24 years for doing a mega scam from a maximum-security prison.

According to the economic and financial crime commission, Aroke was the first convicted before four years, and he has sent to Kirikiri.

In Investigation it has proved that Aroke was continuing his work from the Lagos prison by using his network. He was targeting the victims from different nations.

From investigation it has come out that convict had access of the Internet and mobile phones. This police commissioner has said.

One more puzzling thing is, he was not well, and he had taken to the hospital, but instead of coming back to the prison he went to a hotel to meet his wife and child. 

For opening a bank account he was having separate name called ‘Akinwwunmi Sorinmade’. He withdrawal money and purchased a luxury car.

The commissioner of police also said that the convict used to use his wife account to transfer money when he was in prison.

In 2012, Aroka was arrested due to Internet fraud. After that, he has returned from Malaysia. He confused others by telling he is a computer science student from Kuala Lumpur University.


As per authority, he was arrowhead with some Internet fraud scheme from two continents.

He was convicted and imprisoned for three years due to false pretence, wire transfer, check cloning, and forgery.

The Kirikiri Security Prison has managed by Nigerian Service, and they did not comment in this case.

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Erric Ravi
Erric Ravi
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