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The Top 6 Best News Apps for Android Users

Storify News

Welcome to! The Storify News Times is one among the world’s leaders in online news and information delivery to users from time to time. It is a multi platform news website which has been started with a mission to serve as a forum for better understanding of the happenings going on around. Here you can download storify news app.

Google News

The new Google News on iOS is comparable to the one you’ll realize on robot. It centers onvictimization machine learning to coach algorithms to comb through complicated, fast news stories and break them down in easy-to-understand formats like written record timelines, native news aggregation, and stories conferred in an exceedingly developing and evolving sequence.

The app is currently organized into four sections. The primary may be a For You customized list of the highest 5 stories Google’s software package thinks you’ll wish to scan aboard some different algorithmically chosen articles and native news stories. the subsequent section is solely tagged Headlines and it’s a combination of the newest news across sections like, U.S.,World, Business and Tech. you’ll additionally use this section to determine Google’s new Full Coverage feature that breaks down a lot of complicated stories into a series of articles from a spread of sources aboard social media posts from Twitter and YouTube.

There’s currently a favorites section for leading topics across recreation, news, and world. The section is additionally smart for choosing your most popular Google news sources and saving location and text-based searches for wanting up later.


Flipboard thenews reading app that has collected fifty million monthly users on mobile devices arrives nowadays on the net. On the larger screen, Flipboard is massive, beautiful, and responsive. In moving to the desktop, Flipboard hopes to open up an enormous new avenue of distribution. However will a mobile app like Flipboard win variant new fans on the net, or is that the company building for the past?

This may be a terribly retro factor we’re doing,” Flipboard chief executive officer microphone McCue tells American state, after I stop by the company’s offices in town. The corporate is moving onto the net at a time once most media corporations are preaching the gospel of “mobile initial.” however of course; the net was Clipboard’s original destination. 5 years a gone, once McCue and co-founder Evan Doll started the corporate, they sought-after to make associate app that might cure what McCues calls “the data overload downside.” the answer was a extremely visual evolution of RSS that brought a user’s chosen interests along in an exceedingly single place.

Microsoft News

While the News app on Windows ten did not look terrible, it had been wanting dated. A more recent version has extended to Windows Insiders that brings it more in line with Windows 10’s fluent style.

This comes shortly when the rebranding and refresh of Microsoft News and Microsoft Top on iOS and robot, which may be a nice, sign that Microsoft is keeping the app up-to-date across all platforms.

The app is merely obtainable to Windows Insiders; however i used to be ready to get the newest version by electing to receive app updates while not having to upgrade my laptop to a brand new build.

As I typically do with preview software package, I will not be reviewing it however can break down the changes that have already happened and list what i would wish to see modified before the app’s public unharnessed.

Smart News

Smart News may be a free news app that delivers stories from many trustworthy  publishers, makes it straightforward to get new topics and media sites, and allows you to access content with or while not a web affiliation.

The app options an easy, intuitive style. Swipe through completely different channels that host different topics or publishers (Business corporate executive, worker Report, National Geographic), click on stories to scan them, and set report notifications.

Every story is on the market within the original internet version or a pared-down good version that is accessible offline. The good choice ensures you will always be up-to-date on the newest news, where you’re.

Most people receive our news and find out about what we’d like to understand each day through a spread of mediums, as well as print, TV, radio, and also the web. however juggling the content of all the sites you scan may be chaotic and overwhelming to navigate.

That s why free news apps like Smart News are standard. Smart News may be a top-rated app that was supported in Japan in 2012 and distended to the U.S.A. in 2014. It currently keeps ten million monthly active users in Japan and also the U.S.A. up-to-date on vital stories.

BBC News

With the newest news and analysis from our journalists round the world and also the distinctive human stories behind current events, we’ve got the only of our journalism in one place.

Features include:

  • Stories obtainable and updated as they happen, with news alerts delivered inside seconds
  • a personalized feed with a variousof thousands of topics so you get the news that matters most to you
  • Videos of the Day. Watch the simplest of our footage and see what is obtaining individuals talking
  • stories your world discoveredthrough exhaustive storytelling
  • For GB users, watch the BBC News Channel live

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