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The Ultimate Guide to Travel The World for Less

How many times do you say, “I would like to go on a trip, but I do not have money!”? If you want to rest without thinking about money, you will need a good supply of savings, but if you want to travel and to get new impressions, then you do not need a lot of it. Nonetheless, you need to know how to travel the world cheap and how many cheap travel destinations you have missed. The article was provided by travel enthusiasts from

Buy plane and train tickets in advance.

It is a trivial but infinitely useful advice, about which many people forget. Seriously, if you buy tickets at least three months before the journey, you can save up to 60-70% of the price. Taking into account the fact that the tickets are a big part of all the expenses, it is better for you to remember this advice. It happens, tickets make up almost the most part of spending of the travel. This is true for exotic countries and some cheap places to travel, where housing and foods can be very cheap under a certain condition, but the tickets cost a fortune.

Book accommodation from owners, it’s cheaper.

This is much more profitable than booking local hotels. If you don’t have enough money even for that, then pay attention to the hostels. Despite the fact that you will have to sleep in the same room with other people, it is cheap and useful in terms of exchange of experience because you have to talk to them, and that can even enhance the pleasant impression of the trip.

If you are still a student, do not forget a student card.

A student card will greatly facilitate the life of a person who likes not to go to bars, clubs, and concert grounds but to museums, fortresses, and various attractions. You should know that the price of a ticket to a museum can decrease several times if you have a student card.

Forget about bars and restaurants, it’s always expensive.

When you come to a new place, then you have money. You might think that “it would be nice to go to a restaurant, which everyone here is talking about.” It is a good idea, but it is not for those who look for cheap ways to travel. Just try to be governed by the logic. For example, if the journey lasts a week, then determine for yourself how much money you can spend on each of the days. Try not to go beyond the plan. How to travel cheap? Try to find places where local people eat. You should avoid tourist cafes because prices are much higher there.

Getting a ride is also a good idea.

Stop being afraid of maniacs on the roads. There is nothing shameful if you catch a ride, agree on the price with the driver and go to the place that you want to feel with your feet, see with your eyes, and touch with your hands. In general, you are already a big guy, and a ride should not be a terrible thing for you. It can save you time and money. And, of course, you will get bigger emotional feedback from it than from an airplane. It is less convenient, but you’re going to travel and leave home not for convenience, aren’t you?

In some cases, it is easier to rent a moped.

If there is a subway in the city where you are going to travel, then it is reasonable to buy a ticket for the whole day, but if it is about such countries as India, Thailand, Vietnam, it is better to rent a moped.  More than one generation of travelers talk about that. Public transport in those parts of the world is terrible, and not profitable. A moped can be driven without a driving license and it is much faster than a bus.

Travel light.

Finally, the last tip is to travel light. Take only the most necessary things, do not burden yourself with an extra baggage that you will have to take care of and pay extra. In general, this is a paradox, but the more you take, the more time and money you spend. In addition, the minimum of things reduces the risk of having it stolen.


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