The Internet Reacts To The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 15 And It Is Not What Everyone Expected


The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 15 : For all the zombie lovers, The Walking Dead came as bliss and the show never fails to shock the viewers with its impeccable storyline and chilling twists. In the most recent episode The Calm Before, it is yet again made pretty clear that the series is a cascade of emotions, awe, and shock. The viewers are given a sweet little hint of a trickle of the character reunion and also Ezekiel’s fair is seen in full swing, all this while Alpha unsettlingly creeps up in the background.

The makers made sure that the threat is introduced in the very starting minutes of the episode. A couple traveling from Hilltop to the Kingdom to celebrate their fifth anniversary is intercepted and killed by Alpha. With this tone, we are taken to the scenarios where Ezekiel and Carol are reunited with people from Alexandria and Hilltop.

Keeping the most gruesome yet bombshell part until the last few minutes of the episode, The Calm Before managed to keep everyone on their nerves. We see the lives of Tammy Rose, Ozzy, D.J., Rodney, Alek, Addy, Tara, Frankie, Henry, and Enid taken by The Whisperers, along with their zombified faces planted on spikes as a brutal reminder to not to mess with the Alpha. It was also her way to mark the border between Hilltop and her territory. The scene was horrific yet poetic in tone.

Also, though we were introduced to The Highwaymen only a few episodes ago, two of their men paid the price for protecting the road to The Kingdom, one of which was Ozzy, their leader. With no clue what AMC has in store beyond the season nine’s The Whisperer arc, and what it has kept for the finale, one thing that is pretty much clear is that Season 9 couldn’t get any more bloody than this.

Mike Brown
Mike Brown
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