“The Widow” TV Series 2019 Release Date, Cast, Trailer and Complete Update


THE WIDOW is a hot new TV drama which is on air. It will be very soon arriving on ITV in 2019. It is also called Kate Beckinsale drama which trailer has come November last year 2018. This show will be a big hit and special thanks for make it as cinematic storytelling.

This drama is all of a Women’s search for her husband’s mysterious death. She is forced to seek the truth because of her love. She wanted to know to whom she loved what happened to that man.

“The Widow” TV Series 2019 Release Date

This drama serial not yet realised. But the time which is announced is 1st March 2019, Friday.

“The Widow” Season 1 – Cast

In the all-star cast, main lead real will be paying by Kate Beckinsale as Georgia Wells. He is the eponymous widow in this series.

Other casts are below:

  1. Charles Dance.
  2. Alex Kingston.
  3. Babs Olusanmokun.
  4. Luiana Bonfilm.
  5. Louise Brealey.
  6. Olafur Darri Olafsson.
  7. Howard Charles.
  8. Reginal Kudiwu.
  9. Jacky Ido.

“The Widow” Season 1 – Trailer


“The Widow” Everything You need to Know

This drama story is awe-inspiring. Harry and Jack Williams had written this. They want to describe the missing, liar, the forthcoming Baptiste series and strangers. They made this story more creative.

Here, the bereaved widow Georgia Wells is searching the reason for her husband’s death. She started to explore the reason after ten years of his death because she did not find the body which may crash an airplane.

She has become obsessed with searching the truth behind the death. It takes her to the Kinshasa which is the Republic of Congo.

She went to DRC which help her to know about some shocking truth and she finally came to see the reason behind of her husband’s dead. She got the complete clarity of what exactly happened with him on that particular day.

There is a heartbreaking trailer which Amazon Prime recently launched. There it can be seen that she is traveling by car and asking in a hard voice, “Where is my husband?” People are walking away from the crash place.

The broken heart Georgia was telling that she will allow her husband to go and she will accept his death.

She kept on telling that her husband could survive and the news might be faked about his death. But the matter ends with unknown. How much ever hard it was she was trying to land herself, and it was very much clear that she will not be going to give up.

She also discovers that after the crash someone did cash transaction in her name. She has also come to know that because of the bomb plantation on the plane her husband died.

Finally, the teaser reaches its climax where Georgia get killed. This excellent TV series will come on ITV and Amazon Prime by 2019 in the US. Express.co.uk wanted to put a comment on ITV. There are total of eight episodes, and it will be airing on a weekly basis. The hope is this will be the best series ever.

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