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Tips For Using The Power From Your Solar Panel

Orange County solar companies give you a lot of opportunities of using the power from your solar panels. Deciding to install a solar panel signifies a rethink. You will have electricity that was previously coming from the grid now being produced on your property. It will be less costly than the power from the grid. You will need to use as much electricity from your solar panel and as little as possible from the grid. Read the following tips to find out more.

Reduce the consumption of electricity in the building

The first thing to do is to figure out how to save electricity costs with or without your solar panel. You will have to find and eliminate appliances and devices that use too much electricity. These may include incandescent light bulbs, standby devices and water heaters. The lower the power consumption, the greater the part of it will be covered using your solar panel.

Replace light bulbs with LEDs

Lighting is the largest single cost factor. Incandescent light bulbs are obsolete and if you are still using them then you are wasting a lot of energy. These types of bulbs use about 10% of electricity to produce light while the remaining 90% is lost as heat. Instead of producing light, they produce heat because they glow the filament made of tungsten.

You can find modern LEDs that use almost all of the electricity to produce light. This can be easily noticed from the fact that they stay cool even after being on for long. So if you want to utilize your commercial solar California, you will have to switch to LEDs which needs about a tenth of the electricity to produce light of equal amount as the light bulbs. The LEDs last much longer because they don’t heat up. Replacing light bulbs with LEDs will pay off within one or two years. This is true for both industrial and domestic use.

Turn off standby mode

Many appliances and devices such as TVs, Computers and game consoles consume power even when they are on standby mode. You should consider the number of electrical appliances and devices that are on standby mode and you will realize that there is too much power going to waste. For this reason, such devices should be separated from the electric circuit when they are not in use to save power.

Produce hot water electrically

If you are producing solar power, you will need to convert your hot water cylinders into electric boilers. Instantaneous heaters will allow the heating of water that is close to the tap such us under the sink units. You can adjust the temperatures as you desire.

You should consult with your Orange County solar companies and find out the devices that use more power. Some of these devices may include the dishwasher, the tumble dryer, the washing machine and the kitchen stove. Use these devices during the day when there is a lot of solar power.  Read More news at Storify News

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