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Top 5 Places in Prague for a Romantic Date

Despite the fact that Paris is called the most romantic city, and Venice is the capital of all lovers, charming Prague should also be included in the list of most charming and romantic cities as if created for loving couples. These are cozy cafes with subdued light and quiet music, parks where it is so pleasant to spend hours with your loved one, and narrow streets along which you can walk all night long. In this article, we are going to discuss in detail which romantic spots you will find in Prague that are worth your attention.

· Vysehrad

As a rule, one of the most romantic places in the city is Vyšehrad which offers an incredible view of the Old Town and the Vltava River. This former residence of the Czech princes hides a lot of secrets and mysteries. Here, you can have a romantic picnic, admire the view, stroll along the 10th century old fortress walls, make a cultural stop, and drop in at the Novogothic church of St. Peter and Paul or visit the historic Vysehrad cemetery – the burial place of famous Czech figures. Especially when Russian dating because Russian women will appreciate such a culturally and historically rich place.

By the way, the depositories of the Church of Saints Peter and Paul keep the remnants of St. Valentine which Charles IV himself brought to Prague.

· Park Divoka-Sharka

The history of the romantic rocky valley, located directly in Prague, is associated with the famous legend of the treacherous Sharka and the gullible Tsirad which was described in Cosmic Chronicle in the 12th century. Later, the legend was reinterpreted by the famous Czech writer Alois Jirasek in his work “Old Czech Legends.”

Divoka-Sharka is a picturesque oasis right in the middle of a bustling city which pleasantly amazes with the variety of landscapes opening here. In this park, you can not only have a nice walk – this is a great place for a romantic picnic because the park is replete with glades, surrounded on all sides by tall spruces. In the evening, you can climb one of the rocky cliffs, there are numerous paths on top of them, and enjoy the breathtaking view of the sunset.

Divoka-Sharka is one of the largest natural reservations in the city. The most popular and beautiful entrance to its territory is the entrance from the side of the bus stop with the same name Divoká šárka.

· Prague Botanical Garden and the Troy Castle

A great place for a romantic walk. This is about the Troy Castle, with an adjacent labyrinth of lively and wine cellars. Prague’s Botanical Garden is located within walking distance from Troy and is divided into several parts at once: the park itself, the Fata Morgana greenhouse, and the St. Clara’s vineyards.

In the park, we recommend visiting the picturesque Japanese garden, especially during the blooming of the wisteria season which encircles the local gazebo.

The tropical greenhouse Fata Morgana will also be a great place to stroll – exotic plants and the jungle atmosphere allow visitors to feel as if visiting exotic lands.

After a long walk, we recommend visiting the wine house in the vineyards of St. Clara – here, you can taste a glass of good local wine produced directly in the botanical garden. From here, you will also have a stunning view of Prague from the side of Troy.

· Petrin Hill

This place is always included in the lists of 10 romantic places in Prague. Being the most central park in the city, this spot can boast the famous historic funicular and Prague’s Eiffel Tower. There are always a lot of tourists here, but if you come in the afternoon or in the evening and do not climb the cable car and slowly walk upward on foot along winding paths that lead between apple and cherry trees in a dense forest, you can get a lot of pleasure from such a walk.

By the way, do not forget to take a look at Nebozizek Park which leads from Petřín to the Lesser Country. It is where a statue of Karl Hinek Machi is situated. He was the cult Czech “poet of love,” one of the most prominent figures of the Romantic era.

· Vrtbovsky garden

The baroque Italian-style terraced garden – Vrtbovsky Garden can be called one of the most beautiful destinations in Prague that attracts a lot of couples. It is not so easy to find it – it is hidden between the houses, and the entrance to it lies only through the inner courtyard of the Vrtbovsky palace which can be entered from the side of the Carmelite street.

It was built in 1720 after Count Jan Joseph ordered leading architects to carry out this project; talented sculptors and painters also worked on it. The result of the work of the great masters was a unique gem of landscape architecture. The garden, by the way, is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

This place will be definitely appreciated by all lovers of romantic photos!

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