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TOP 5 Women’s Workbags That Are Perfect For Business!

If you are a business woman, you are always on the go. You always have to go somewhere and do something important for the sake of your business. Whatever happens, you need a fast-packing skill and at least three bags for your luggage. Of course, it’s not a problem to take ACE rental car San Francisco or any other American city and carry your luggage comfortably. Why Alamo? They have the best business class cars ever! Why three bags? However hard you may try, you always have too much things to pack! If you are a lucky one, you can pick the only one working bag to keep your laptop, documents, and many other girly things in it. Also, the bag should be well-organized, stylish, and conform to all parameters.

Classic Workbag

Why do you like a workbag from Dagne Dover? It has a lot of useful options, compact corpus, and impressive size. Yes, the bags of this brand are pretty big. They are big enough to swallow the most of your stuff. Have you ever tried to find a small pen in a big bag? How was it? It wasn’t that easy, sure enough. But you will never lose something in the depth of your workbag because it is equipped with a million of pockets. There is a pocket for a smartphone, a laptop, a bottle of water, side pockets. There is also a key holder. The classic bag is made of hard leather coating done in 6 classic colors. The bag is a perfect thing for everyday usage.

You can buy a classic bag from Dagne Dover for about $250.

Workbag Under $200

This kind of a workbag can be very popular because it is cheap! $200 and even cheaper is not a big price for a good market bad, indeed. The design of the bag is not impressive, but special. There is a popular opinion that a good market bag should be simple in design and suit to every dress. A big market bag from Everlane is made of Italian leather. You can use it every day, day by day with no doubts that it doesn’t suit your holiday dress or work costume. The only one difference between the cheap workbag and the workbag of a higher price is you can hardly find many slots and pockets in the cheap variant. Nevertheless, there is enough space to pack all your essentials. Speaking about minuses, the bag has no backing and can boast the only one inner pocket!

You can buy a market bag from Everlane for $175.

Best Satchel Workbag

Speaking about the satchel bags, pay attention to Cuyana! The bag of this brand is perfectly structured and compact. You can’t believe your eyes how capacious that bag is! Look at your workbag now! It looks nice and professional, but you can’t pack all the things you need in it. What else? Cuyana is made of high quality Italian leather. The bag is divided into several slots to carry your MacBook, telephone, books, documents, and other small things. It doesn’t look shapeless at that. You can take your bag by hand or over the shoulder.

You can buy an original satchel workbag from Cuyana for $450.

Best Convertible Workbag

Are you in a dilemma to pick a good backpack or workbag? You should pick a convertible bag from Senreve. It combines many different functions. Yeah, it looks exactly like a bag, but it definitely is a piece of art. The bag can boast the angular figure, geometrical abstractions, high quality joints. Their bags are out of time! It will look perfect in 2 or 10 years. Of course, they are not cheap. The icing on the cake is that the bag can be transformed in 4 different styles including a backpack.

You can buy a convertible bag from Senreve for $800.

Best Casual Workbag

Why should you buy this bag? Leatherology is one of many popular brands that produces high quality workbags. They are cheap and stylish at the same time. The bag is structured wisely to correspond to all your needs. Ladies often call it a day and night bag because it is perfect for everyday usage. So, what does it look like? It’s a big and comfortable workbag with lots of slots and pockets. The bag is available in neutral colors with a bright finishing. It perfectly suits to your new white blouse and classic jeans. They are made of water resistant leather so that you can easily wash and clean it.

You can buy a causal workbag from Leatherology for $215.

There are so many interesting options to help you look well even in an office or on the go. As a business lady you should keep all things in order. A good workbag can help you to carry all your essentials and look stylish at that. Whenever you go, in the restaurant or to the office, you are sure that your workbag suits you the most!


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