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Top 6 Incredible Boutique Hotels In India You Need To Experience in 2019

From north to south, east to west- India’s diverse landscapes have inspired many hoteliers to build exquisite hotels for people who like staying comfortably and enjoy all the amenities, but still, want to pay affordable prices for it. If you are visiting India anytime soon for leisure or work, then boutiques in India are the best option for you.

Hence, some of the best boutique hotels in 2019 are as follows-

1) La Villa Shanti, Puducherry – This villa is too fancy to be just a homestay and to cool to be a hotel. It has french quarter interiors, and if you are exploring the neighborhood, you are most likely to come across this property. It’s a 19th-century house which has just 15 rooms including a cafe and restaurant. The predominant white palette through the interiors evokes Europe; the tile work and dark woods that complement it are all Indian. If you are a fan of crepes, then you should definitely try their rendition of it. Moreover, for all those who love a beautiful interior, this place is a must-see.

2) Bloom hotel, Bangalore – Bloom hotel is located in South India’s most entertaining destination- Indiranagar. The hotel is just 100 ft away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. Even if you are visiting Bangalore for leisure or for work, this place is an ideal place to stay. With airport just being 70 mins away, Indiranagar Metro station just 5 mins and Bangalore city railway another 30 mins away. You can enjoy your stay with all the excellent amenities they provide such as buffet breakfast, cafe, free water, and wifi and iMac stations. When talking about interiors, it is very modern in nature and aesthetically pleasing, with colours like white and yellow, it will soothe your eyes. Keeping all the points in mind, it is considered one of the best boutique hotels in India.

3) Jamtara Wilderness Camp, Pench, Madhya Pradesh– This camp is just walking distance from the Pench Tiger Reserve’s Jamatara gate. The rooms available in this camp are very spacious and are decorated with writing desks and planter chairs. One of their unique selling points is that your home’s in the middle of the woods, you will wake up to the sound of birds chirping and the beautiful nature. The food you are served is fresh and can even produce yourself.

4) Aboda, Mumbai – This boutique hotel is situated in Colaba, and it’s a heritage property owned by David Sassoon, one of Bombay’s most industrious entrepreneurs. Aboda is a beautiful amalgamation of modern and vintage furniture and design. Total of 20 rooms is present there with the beautifully curated original art piece. Some of the facilities that come along with the hotel are a cafe which has a library attached to it, a shop where they sell a small range of original products from hand-woven scarves to tribal jewelry as a sign of supporting the local designers, a spa and a gym.

5) Scarlette, Delhi – To find this place, your utmost trust is required on google maps, as you might just cross this place and not even realise that its a hotel. As this is not your quintessential hotel- it’s a 3 level building which gives a feel of any other Delhi Kothi, even the inside of the house feels like home. But, the catch is that it only has four rooms and it has a very Indo-french aesthetic. Some of the facilities this hotel has is- every room has a separate mobile phone as some foreigners who visit the hotel might need it , the second most exciting thing they have is a speaker who helps you stream your music and to make you feel even more welcomed they have a golden ambassador waiting for you outside to help you explore Delhi, the lavish way! Read more news at Storify News

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