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Top 6 Reasons to Invest in London’s Property Market

In terms of the current condition in the property market, London remains the most multicultural and dynamic city, one that offers a plethora of abundance in terms of luxury possibilities, meaning from award-winning restaurants, five-star hotels, to so much more, it is definitely a city that attracts several people. Every year, thousand and millions of people come into London searching for the best accommodation, or investment opportunities. Despite the uncertainty in politics, and uncertainty to leave the European Union, London stands out as a global power and one of the most popular places in the world to invest in the best properties it has to offer.

If you are an investor or a person searching for the best options to find a suitable accommodation, you will need the help of estate agents, but this post should you on the top ten reasons you need to consider investing in London’s growing property market.

1.     A Lot More Than a Capital City

In terms of history, London steals the spotlight. In most cases, UK’s performance market traditionally depends on international capital and appeal, as well as affordability, and high-yields. However, most of the properties in the United Kingdom may rise in the next decade by over 56%, and London will surely bring down the average.

Midlands often take the claim of having the highest increase in annual house prices and the properties in the North East grow by a significant amount annually. In terms of yield, cities like Manchester, Sheffield, and Liverpool produce the highest yields, with different cities emerging as potential investment corners in the UK.

The fact is that the property market of UK is transforming into a balances, and expensive one in the UK. Investors can consider this option because it is one that will offer the best house growth, best yields, and so much more.

2.     There is a Shortage in the UK Housing

In terms of UK Housing, the demand for homes is on the rise, with the listing of properties at a low point. On average, there are about 43 properties that estate agents have, including those like Yooodle, who have unparalleled demand in maintaining high and growing prices of houses. As such, first time buyers and also mid age people see property market as the a sensible and viable move and accept renting as the best option for the future, where the prices of the estate agents are expected to rise.

By the year, 2020, it is expected that higher institutes like the Royal Institute of Charted Surveyors will call on to their government and encourage them to increase building and the opportunities of investment for people by increases houses. In addition, local governments and councils will also be able to meet up with this demand as they help to increase built to rent properties in the market of UK, with strong tenant demand into the future.

3.     An Increase in UK’s Economy

In the year 2020, it is expected that the economy will increase at a faster rate compared to Paris and New York, and it will also become the world’s largest (fourth) with good economy by the year 2020. In other words, this means there will be better business related opportunities for all those who wish to expand their knowledge and increase their experience in the city.

4.     Costumer Confidence

Since the prices of houses are increasing continually, it is encouraged for people to invest in property that have low interest rates in mortgages, and the government’s scheme to increase houses, customer confidence is something that is increasing in the property market. As such, the prices in property will drive up and experts also predict that this trend will continue in the future, and way into 2015. The rising prices will prove to be a strong option for capital growth potential, and make this the right time to invest in the property market of the UK.

5.     More Options in Luxury Properties

London also offers investors a better opportunity to invest in luxury properties, like the famous some of the popular homes in different areas or cities in UK, which offer elegant and classical collections of the best apartments that showcase the best luxury with outstanding investment schemes.

6.     A City That Offers Tourism

Another valuable reason to invest in the property market of London is the tourism, which is the main aspect that contributes towards the city’s economy. Yes, London has some of the greatest attractions like the Museum of London, and St Paul’s Cathedral, as well as several other tourism opportunities. This factor makes it a great city for investment purposes.

Investing in London’s property is definitely one of the most worthwhile investments, if you can go for it. For the best options, you should consult estate agents in London, who will be able to guide you properly about the property market.

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