Top New Home Lifestyle Trends for 2021


How are homes in the 2020s different? For starters, just five years ago, you wouldn’t find as much art in common areas. Fine art, especially sculptures, is showing up everywhere. So are home lifts, lighted gardens, old-fashioned bathtubs, contemplation rooms, stand-alone saunas, and bedrooms with almost no furnishings. Like it or not, that’s what’s hot in this decade of change. Here’s a short review of what you’re likely to see if you go on a modern homes tour or dive into the photo sections of residential design websites.

Art and Sculpture

Trends within the art world change from year to year, but in the residential decor world, things don’t move so quickly. Currently, the market is in an early phase of a love affair with fine art, particularly big acrylic paintings, and sculpture. Acrylics have a way of lighting up a room and making appear bigger than it is. Sculpture is the perfect art form for filling odd spaces, corners, nooks, and even open areas in the center of very large rooms. What’s hot for 2021? Figures of humans and animals, vertical forms, cold-cast bronze busts, and art deco anything. Coincidentally, many of these very same forms of art reached their peak of popularity almost exactly 100 years ago, in the early 1920s.

Home Lifts

Home lifts have been building in popularity slowly, but surely, over the last decade or so. Once found only in older, upscale properties, they’re now appearing in many of the latest housing developments. And, people are beginning to see lifts in a fresh way, too. Companies that offer services as domestic lifts specialists understand the multi-faceted utility of lifts. Of course, there’s the luxury aspect, which is obvious and has been part of the attraction for decades. But in an aging population, safety and convenience are major incentives for people to install residential lifts. Older folks and young children need not face the danger of long staircases when a lift is available. Many homeowners look at such additions as wise investments as well. When it comes time to sell, nothing makes your property stand out in people’s minds as much as an in-home lift.

Lighted Walkways and Gardens

If you want a quick DIY project to make your garden or outdoor walkway look inviting, consider adding path or plant lights to the scenery. Most hardware stores sell multiple varieties at all price points. If you’re not a do-it-yourself enthusiast, hire a landscaper to do the work for you.

Vintage Bath Tubs

Ironically, most of the vintage tubs you see are newly manufactured. They’re also one of the fastest-selling items for home improvement projects. Some newly built homes even come with vintage looking tubs. What makes them different? Most are detached from the wall, bigger than standard tubs, and often stand-alone units without their own plumbing hookups.

Meditation Rooms

Homeowners are getting used to the idea of setting aside one room for quiet contemplation, prayer, meditation, whatever you want to call it. These spaces typically contain no electronic media devices and few furniture items. Walls often feature decorative hangings, huge photos of calm places, or printed poems and sayings on swaths of fabric.


Saunas have been part of the luxurious bath space for decades, but now that prices have come down, they are showing up in homes of all sizes. There are DIY versions you can construct from a kit, ready-made units you can move from room to room, and built-in models that stay put. The main reason you’re seeing so many in-home saunas is lower price. Just 10 years ago, you’d have to spend a huge amount of money for even a tiny unit. Today’s DIY and simple saunas are prices to move.

Minimalist Bedrooms

Spend five minutes viewing photos of modern bedrooms at some of the top architecture and design sites. You’ll notice something right away. Today’s state of the art residential bedroom is a minimalist affair. Gone are clunky cabinets, wardrobes, book cases, and night stands. All those once-common appointments are on the out list. What’s in? Less is in. The entire minimal theme that is so popular on the current art scene has finally taken over home bedroom decor. That means most sleeping quarters are now set up to hold a bed, a simple dresser, and maybe a stand-up mirror. In fact, the less, the better. 

Trends come and go. That’s part of the definition of the word trend. But at least for the next few years, the watchwords in the modern home design industry are luxury, comfort, simplicity, elegance, and nostalgia.

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Erric Ravi
Erric Ravi
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