Total four rockets got fired to Israel from Syria


The Israeli Defense Force said that a total of four rockets launched this Tuesday from Syria to Israel and this is inspected by Iron Dome defense system.

But there is no additional information about the rocket launch.

After the State Mike Pompeo announced this report has come on Monday where the US government make the settlement with the West Bank. According to the Palestinian claims land sought is for future where it was not clear about the rocket launch, and this is connected to the announcement or not. 

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Pompeo rejected 1978 state opinions where civil settlement is occupied with the territories.  He also conveys that White House is an Obama administration, which allowed by the UN Security Council and the international law declares it.

The prime minister of Israeli has praised the Pompeo’s decision.

This policy says the truth that Jewish people do not come under foreign colonialists. Here the Netanyahu office said, Israel is ready for the negotiation with the Palestinians, where they can achieve peace and they can reject all the arguments about the settlement.  

Here the Riyad al-Malki (Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister) said in a lengthy statement that everyone needs to respond firmly where they can support Palestine’s effort and the behaviour where they can protect the two-state solution.

Due to this agenda, you can ensure the cause of irreversible damage, which can achieve humanity from the past seven decades. This world must stay with chaos and violence.

In this last week, Israeli military has carried out airstrikes where commanders are from Gaza and Syria. The militants in Gaza send 50 rockets over the border into Tel Aviv where Israel defense system is available.


An airstrike from Israeli, killed Abu el-Atta and his wife on Tuesday. A military spokesman said that another airstrike in Damascus got targeted with Jihad commander who has not harmed. This Israeli warplane fired a total of three missiles those are al-Ajouri’s home, to kill his granddaughter and son. It has come to the news. 

The army of Israeli has confirmed that in August it has launched to Syria and the Iranian Revolutionary Quds Force did planning. In the Israeli newspaper also it has come. As per Syrian opposition, they attack to kill three people. 

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Erric Ravi
Erric Ravi
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