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Travel Tips: Your Perfect Holidays in Kansas, USA

Storify News | Kansas is an unusual and very good-natured state in the United States, whose residents are incredibly cheerful and welcoming. Located in the central part of the country, Kansas is considered to be the main breadbasket of the USA because most wheat is grown here.

All the necessary information concerning what to see in Kansas in addition to the endless fields, which sights in the state are worth your attention, as well as basic tips for travelers, are carefully provided in this article…

How to get to Kansas?

When traveling in Kansas, you must try to follow the I-70 motorway if you are moving from the east or from the west of the United States. If you drive via I-35, you can go from the south to the northeast of the state. In order to get to Kansas City, you must also follow the I-70 motorway, as it crosses the city.

Kansas Road

One of the largest airports in Kansas is located in Wichita. However, there’s also an international airport in Kansas City – it’s situated 16 miles away from the city center.

What transport to choose for traveling?

Inside the cities, tourists can use the bus services. As a rule, there are many places of interest along their routes that you can see during or near the bus stops. The ticket price is usually about $1.5, but if we consider the cost of long-distance buses or express transports, their cost can be much more expensive.

But still, due to the limited traffic of some public transport routes, the only possible way to travel everywhere is a car. Thus, car rental Avis at Wichita KS Airport will be a perfect option for getting around Kansas.  Otherwise, you will have to explore the major city sights on foot.

What sights to see in Kansas?

On the territory of Kansas, tourists can see a huge number of historical monuments, among which are Tallgrass Prairie national reserve, the Santa Fe National Trail and other interesting destinations. In fact, each corner of the state is unique and worthy of being a beautiful landmark in the country.

Fort Larned

This is a building that appeared in the time of the Indian wars. Fort Larned is currently a collection of nine historic buildings of the ancient times. You can admire there the unique barracks, and the dining room, which are presented in their original appearance.

Fort Larned

This city got its name in honor of the commander during the American-Mexican War, General Winfield Scott. This place basically served for a military base. During the civil war, this place was used as a base for supplying soldiers with military supplies and provisions. Now the city has many interesting places in the form of historical buildings. Some of them were restored, and some retained their integrity to our time.



This place is popular among tourists due to the presence of Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center on its territory. This center has been opened for tourists as a museum, but now it features one of the largest collections of Russian space artifacts. This place can only give way to the National Air and Space Museum situated in Washington DC.

Kansas City

Kansas City is another interesting spot to visit. The local American Jazz Museum is incredibly popular among travelers – the admission is only $6. The Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium, the Union Stencil exposition, and the Science City are also worthy places there. Some travelers prefer to go to the National WWI Museum devoted to World War I. You can purchase a comprehensive ticket to the museum for $10.

What sight is perfect for kids?


One of the best places to spend time with your kid in Kansas will be the entertainment complex called Legoland Discovery Center, which is located in the state capital. It’s worth noting that this place is great not only for children but also for adults. In this center, you can build any constructions from Lego bricks, enjoy the rides, and watch cartoons. So, if your child is a fan of Lego, then this place is simply created for family relaxation. The center itself is very convenient and is divided into several thematic zones where every tourist can have a wonderful time. The center is located at 2475 Grand Blvd in Kansas City.


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