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Trump Government Trying to Torment Transgenders by Revoking Their Civil Rights Protections

They want to assault the transgenders starting with DNA tests and want to define their gender at birth and force genetic tests in some cases to match a person’s gender with the sex which they were assigned at birth. Trump’s administration is making the biggest attack on transgender rights in a manner that it can strip federal recognition of the gender identity for some 1.4 million Americans.

Both the departments of Health as well as Human Services are floating a memo currently that would establish the legal definition of sex under Title IX under which the government would not recognize a person’s gender other than the one based on their genitalia when they were born. The memo also says that the definition of sex will only be either male or female. The department is even expected to present the latest definition to the Justice Department by the end of the year, and if it decides that the change is legal, it could be enforced as law across all the available government agencies including Departments of Education, Justice, Health and Human Services, Labor etc.

The effects of this could be hazardous, and if enacted, it could make the life of now living American transgender so shaky. It could even require some people to produce DNA tests for leading a normal life in USA. It is no doubt an unprecedented step to enforce a biological definition of gender and by far the most terrible law imposed on transgender rights by Trump administration.

While on the same place Obama’s administration always tried to advance transgender rights and loosen federal regulations to allow for more gender fluidity.

But as president, Trump has acted more or less to expect a typical anti-LGBTQ Republican act, and he has restricted trans students in federally funded schools, saying that it was a federal overreach. He came out to ban transgender people from serving even in the military, rescinded a memo protecting trans workers, and stripped protections for trans prisoners. All this has aggravated the protections for transgender people in health care.

Now, this new act he has put up to assault them.

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