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Trump Has Got to Say More After The Bomb Crises

After the threatening of the elite democrats of the nation through pipe bombs, Trump soon called a rally for unity which was more like bashing the media and press and claiming it to be fake. But this was not enough; Trump recently threw four more statements showing his non-bothered behaviour towards the threaten.

On Tuesday Night, near the Clintons’ property in New York, a suspicious mailbox containing a destructive explosive was found. A similar box was found at the Obama’s house. In recent days, these boxes were found at the residence of other important citizens like philanthropist Soros, former Attorney General Eric Holder and former CIA Director John Brennan as well. Since it was hovering a good topic of discussion, Trump’s statements and the rally is raging the nation with a lot of agitation and discomfort.

Firstly, he instead of consoling or showing some sympathy to the victims of the threatening attacks; he favoured the bomber by saying that “he preferred me over others”. And it is to note that it was not on a lighter tone. The second disappointing statement was that whatever the incident happened to the supporters of the other party.

With the third statement, Donald Trump went back on bashing the media by saying that it was always unfair to me and the Republic Party. He said that incident not targeted the residents of the places where the piped bombs were found; rather it was his administration who was the real victims. On his way to Carolina, during a rally, he kept on chanting that CNN sucks.

The fourth one proved it purely that he was there to not show any kindness towards the victims as he said we’ll all pass over this incident pretty soon.  

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