Trump is Experiencing Impeachment for Legal, Lawful Acts: Deroy Murdock


#WorldLatestNews : Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, D-California made an announcement that the Democrats would draft impeachment articles against US President Donald Trump. She suggested that Trump somewhat is like a ‘king president’ or ‘oppressive monarch.’ Pelosi warned that if we let a president stay above the nation’s law, we surely do so risking our republic. 

As per Fox News contributor Deroy Murdock, Pelosi is right: Though Trump isn’t above the nation’s law; the Democrats have yet faced issues to learn about any laws which the president may have broken during the Ukraine-o-rama.

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In a majorly overlooked section of his statement, a star witness of the Democrats said that the NSC (National Security Council) found the fifty five day pause implemented in US military aid towards Ukraine lawful.

On November 19, Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman informed the House Intelligence Committee that there was a legal opinion made which said that the pause was legal. 

The aid hold was within the responsibility of Trump to ensure that USD 391mn didn’t disappear into a chain of transfers. Moreover, Mark Sandy, an OMB official told the House Intelligence Committee that he ascribed the pause to Trump’s concern for other nations not contributing funds to Ukraine. As such, the policy echoed the legal pronouncements of Trump on this entire matter perfectly.

However, in spite of all controversies, Ukraine received military aid as on 11 September. It would have violated the law if those funds weren’t allocated on the 1st of October. 

There is no way to determine what the president’s frame of mind was on 11 September and why he really released the security assistance. The opponents of Trump believe that he delivered the aid to Ukraine out of fear over the whistleblower’s complain. 

Though impeachment is a political process, but instead of punishing one crime spree, the Democrats plan on impeaching Trump for honouring a law, precedent or a legal opinion after another, concluded Murdock.

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Erric Ravi
Erric Ravi
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