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Trump Ready to Withdraw US From the INF Treaty

The INF treaty is an agreement made in 1987 between the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic. The INF (Intermediate-range nuclear forces treaty) agreement was to eliminate all the intermediate short ranged missiles. The treaty, however, did not include the underwater missiles. By 1991, all the short and intermediate ranged missiles were eliminated.

The treaty comes back to notice when the US president Trump plans to withdraw the US from this treaty. But it was first Russia who violated the agreement in the recent years that provoked the president take such a decision. However, declining a treaty made between the two states does not lie on the hands of the president alone.

Russia, on the other hand, continues to keep breaking the rules. Recently, Putin, the Russian president has announced about a new nuclear- powered missile that can reach the USA. In short, Russia has already unofficially withdrawn itself from this arms control agreement whereas the US is trying to get itself out from it through legal means.

The Trump administration officials are very much in favor of Trump’s view. According to one of the official, Russia has prepared a lot many nuclear arms and weapons, and hence this treaty no more holds any value if it not obeyed from either of the sides.

However, some parts of Europe want the agreement to stay because these regions come under the range of those nuclear missiles. And so Heiko Maas, the German Foreign Minister stated that pulling out of the treaty will be a regretful move because of it the treaty that builds the pillars of Europe’s Security.

But since the treaty talks about eliminating the intermediate ranged missiles, even testing and manufacturing them is not allowed under this agreement. And for security purposes, if a nation wants to have such missiles, leaving the treaty is the only possible way.

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