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Trump’s Fascination with the Death Penalty Continues

US president Donald Trump again called for stiffer death penalty laws for criminals after a shooter, an anti-Semitic, entered the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh on Saturday morning and opened fire that killed 11 people. Among the people injured, there were four police officers in the attack on the synagogue, Squirrel Hill district. The suspect, who is taken into custody, has been named Robert Bowers, 46! He was well known for writing critical statements on the social media GAB.

The 11 victims included a 97-year-old woman to men and women in their 50s to 70s.

To this, Trump soon after the event shredded his words towards the death penalty.

“It’s a terrible thing that’s been going on with hate in our country,” He marked these statement just hours after the attack on the Tree of Life synagogue ended. He continued “When people do this, they should get death penalty and they should not have to wait for the upcoming years.” It’s not new for the Trump to talk about the death penalty! Back in 1980s, when Trump was actually a major figure in real estate community and social scene of New York, he took out $85,000 full-page ad in the New York Times appealing for the death penalty for the five teenage boys who were suspected of raping a female jogger in Central Park brutally. Till his journey to the president ship, he has been stuck to his words. Trump says that actions against the crimes must be strict and quick so that anyone else will think a lot before committing any such crime. Though capital punishment is legal in Pennsylvania, work is underway to remove it since 2015.

The suspected shooter, Robert Bowers was taken into custody on Saturday, and the investigation is going on further. He has already been charged for 29 other crimes, and according to Attorney General, Jeff Sessions said on Saturday that he might be given the death penalty for the horrific crime he has committed.

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