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Tungsten Wedding Bands- New Wedding Bands with Growing Popularity

There is a lot of materials which have been using for many years to create unique and beautiful wedding rings for both men and women. One of the recent additions in this is the tungsten. The demand and the popularity for tungsten ring is growing rapidly. The reason behind this is it is a material which is popular for its uniqueness and the durability. The metal is generally found in bands that are silver, but you can also buy black tungsten.

You can go with a gold tungsten ring which is popular for use as wedding bands because they resist scratching and denting. That means you can use the ring no matter what is your profession. It is also a fact that these wedding bands are better than the traditional gold wedding ring. Now, people across the world have chosen these rings as the metal of choice for their wedding bands.

Why is tungsten band the perfect alternative to the traditional rings?

  • If you want a wedding ring that is scratch-proof and will keep its shine for a long time, tungsten wedding rings for men can be your best choice.
  • Tungsten material is ranked in the second position in the list of hardest material after diamond on the Mohs scale.
  • A gold tungsten ring is contemporary and stylish. Besides, this ring is also light and very comfortable to wear.
  • You can also buy a tungsten ring which comes without any cobalt. That means this will not develop any side effect on your skin and will not turn your fingers green, and hypoallergenic.

There are many such benefits that you will enjoy with tungsten wedding band. It will be your best alternative to a traditional gold ring. This ring will stay with you forever.

Some useful tips to select a perfect tungsten wedding band

You may be excited to get a pair of tungsten rings for your wedding. But before that, you might have to make a few decisions to get the perfect pair. Here are some tips that you can follow to choose the best pair:

  1. Size of the tungsten rings

First and the most important thing that you need first to realize that the width of the wedding ring. For women, the size can be around 4mm to 6 mm while tungsten wedding rings for men typically come in 6mm to 8mm.

  1. The weight of the ring

You must also need to understand that tungsten is a heavy metal. So, if you choose the thicker ring, it will feel heavier on your finger. So, make sure to buy such a ring which feels lighter to use.

  1. Design of the ring

The intricately detailed designed rings will look more beautiful. You will find a lot of designs with tungsten rings. The most common designs are a dome, concave, faceted, or inlaid. Consider buying a simple yet elegant design to make your wedding ceremony special. You can even customize the look to make it more beautiful. You can even engrave your message on the ring.

  1. Quality

Make sure that the rings you are buying are made of high-quality tungsten and carrying nickel in it. This kind of set up is the sign of the high-quality class. If the tungsten is mixed with cobalt, it will not last for a long time. Such ring will break soon. But with nickel, it will last longer and will keep up its shine.

  1. Price of the rings

You might be thinking that the higher the price of the gold tungsten ring, the better will be quality. Well, this is true, but not the case is not always the same. However, the cheaper rings are often made of cobalt. The drawback of such rings is it can cause a skin reaction. You can go for the rings carrying a price tag of $100 and more.

Consider these factors when searching for the tungsten wedding rings for men and your partner and you will have that perfect ring for you.


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