UN weather agency confirms Arctic heat record in Siberia


Weather agency of the U.N said on Tuesday that it has validated a temperature of 38- degrees Celsius which equals100.4 Fahrenheit assaying in the Russian city of Verkhoyansk, last time as the loftiest temperature ever recorded in the Arctic, the rearmost in a string of” alarm bells about our changing climate.” 

The World Meteorological Organization put the temperature” more befitting the Mediterranean than the Arctic”. It was registered on June 20, 2020, during a heat surge that buffered across Siberia and stretched north of the Arctic Circle. 

The average temperatures were over 10 degrees Celsius further than usual in Arctic Siberia, playing a crucial part in timber fires, loss of ocean ice, and global temperature rises that made 2020 to be one of the three hottest times on record. This new Arctic record is one of a series of compliances reported to the WMO Archive of Weather and Climate Axes that sound the alarm bells about our changing climate,” as reported by the WMO Secretary-General Petteri Taalas in a statement. Verkhoyansk is about 115 kilometers which is about 70 country miles from north of the Arctic Circle and a meteorological station there has been observing temperatures since 1885, WMO said. Spokesman Clare Nullis said the record reading was the first of its kind in a new order of Arctic temperature monitoring, so there was no former record to compare it with. But 38 degrees has not at all been seen before in the Arctic, she said. 

WMO is looking into a figure of possible heat documentation, including54.4 Celsius (129.9 Fahrenheit) recorded both this time and last in Death Valley, California, which could be a worldwide record high-temperature reading, and48.8 Celsius (119.8 Fahrenheit) on Italy’s southern islet of Sicily this summer — which could be the hottest temperature ever recorded in Europe. Taalas reported that WMO has never had such a number of inspections of possible heat records at the same time, and they take time to substantiate. The agency says the Arctic is among the nimble warming regions of the world and is heating up at rates twice those of the global average.

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