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Unique Pre-Wedding Photo-Shoot Ideas That’ll Help Your Chemistry Stand Out

Storify News | Planning a wedding is a Herculean task as everything just needs to be perfect. One really needs to put in a lot of efforts to make the right selections. The bride and the groom undergo a lot of pressure during this time but there are certain phases that they really enjoy. Pre-wedding photo-shoot is one of those beautiful and charming phases. Nowadays, a wedding and a pre-wedding photo-shoot are synonymous. Delhi being one of the most vibrant cities in India is known for its colorful pre- wedding shoots.

colorful pre- wedding shoots

There are many pre-wedding photographers in Delhi who specialize in pre-wedding photography and doing an excellent work to mark the grand occasion. But as said earlier; these days almost every couple indulges in these shoots, so what can you do to make your photo album stand out?

Here is the list of some handpicked ideas that will make your album special:

1. Walk Down the Memory Lane

best pre-wedding photographers in Delhi
Everyone loves to go back to the place and remember the day when they realized yes, this is the person I want to spend my life with. So why not relive your first date and hold a pre-wedding shoot at the place where you both first met. Nothing is more exciting than getting captured at the location where you both started to explore more about each other. Let one of the best pre-wedding photographers in Delhi create a beautiful album of your memories. The idea will not only spruce up your photo album but also your beautiful journey of love.

2. A Third Companion That Will Bring You Two Closer

Closer pre-wedding pictures
Well you don’t have to be confused. The third companion here is your furry friend. If you are one of those people for whom pets are the integral part of family and life, then feel free to feature them in your pre-wedding pictures and increase their adorable quotient. Even if you don’t have pets, you can pay a friendly visit to local animal care center and promote a cause. This idea works well for those couples also who are little camera shy as this third element in the picture will bring you closer.

3. Go Vintage

Vintage pre-wedding photography
Having a unique finesse and classic glamour, vintage themed pre-wedding photography is for the classic lovers. From gramophones to vintage balconies ad cars, the possibilities with this theme are endless. You can bring back the time when the prop that you are using for the pictures originated. If you are still thinking about exotic locations, come out of the rut as vintage is ruling the charts for pre-wedding shoots this season.

4. Light It Up

Light It Up pre-wedding photographers
You can go eccentric and add some ‘light’ to your pictures. Let the light that you bring to each other’s lives reflect in your photo-shoot. Create a marvelous fairyland aura using fairy lights, with you both as the center. Candid pre-wedding photographers specialize in capturing perfect pictures for this theme. You can easily find many candid wedding photographers in Delhi who are experts in this set-up.

5. Take the Plunge

water dance pre-wedding photographers
If you both are water babies, this photo shoot idea is perfect for you. If you are a daredevil and have an avant-garde style, you can go for underwater shoot wearing different costumes, enjoying the water dance and underwater activities. If there are beaches in the vicinity, this is an amazing option. But if you don’t want to take the plunge, you can opt for a photo-shoot on a boat at an alluring lake.

6. Like A Diamond in The Sky

pre-wedding shoot
If you love a celestial backdrop and stargazing with your soulmate lights the candle of romance in you, this idea is just for you. Even the shyest couple can’t resist the romantic set-up under the stars. Feel the vibe, it’s just you and your love, and of course the photographer to capture some romantic frames for you. A starry night, a bonfire and the music you love, nothing can counter the heightening of romanticism in this set-up.

7. Prop It Up

love shoot pre-wedding pictures
Adding the props, you love to your shoot will let the photographer capture your love and things you love. You can add all time classic color bombs as props; they will make your pictures more vibrant and livelier. Cute and little props add a distinctive charm to your pre-wedding pictures and will make your photo-shoot look surreal.

8. Embrace Mother Nature

Embrace Mother Nature pre-wedding shoot
If you are a nature lover and want your special moments to be captured amidst lush greenery, you should get back to the wilds. Sprinkle some drama over and you will have amazing pictures in those green lands and forests. Get that peaceful, soothing feel coupled with the essence of love clicked and treasured in your album.

9. Go Nerdy

cute geeky pre wedding pictures
If you both are book lovers, get cute geeky pictures surrounded by books clicked with your partner. You can get the pre-wedding photoshoot themed around the book you both love or can relate to. Read, pose and fabricate a book capturing your memories of love.

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