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US Jobs Depend on Weapon Deal with Saudi Arabia? Trump Says!

President Donald Trump wants American people to think that US jobs might depend on the new US military weapons deal with Saudi Arabia and other lower regimes. But they don’t.

The president has been postponing things against public pressure to cancel weapon deals with Saudi Arabia as the recent development in Khashoggi case suggest that Saudi leaders may have plotted the assassination of the US resident and journalist who wrote for the Washington Post. Jamal Khashoggi, who left Saudi Arabia in 2017, used to criticize Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for jailing hundreds of journalists and activists and also for involving in a brutal war in Yemen.

About 153,800 US workers are directly involved in making commercial and military aircraft, according to the most recent industry employment numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But that comprises workers who make passenger planes for commercial airlines, a much larger sector of the economy than those who make military jets and helicopters.

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But we can get pretty particular data on how many US workers are making bombs. That data is more clear-cut, and Saudi Arabia buys plenty of US bombs and other war weapons be it fighter jets, ammunition, tanks, armoured vehicles for its war in Yemen. Only about 7,666 workers were making bombs for the defense and law enforcement industries as for the year 2016, and that includes explosives which were sold to the entire American military! It is doubtful as if these jobs are entirely dependent on arms sales to Saudi Arabia? In short, the American economy doesn’t need Saudi Arabia to keep buying Arms from us.

The Senate, as expected could cancel the sale if they can get enough majority, and some senators have suggested a form of sanctions in response to the Khashoggi case. Trump told that would be bad for American workers. But, once again, US workers don’t need Saudi Arabia.

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