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US Votes for I-1631 to Reduce the Carbon Dioxide

The results of the carbon dioxide content taken in April 2018 broke all the records of the history with 410 PPM CO2 in the atmosphere. The State is quite worried and has come up with various initiatives. The twitter, as usual, is flooded with the #yeson1631 where people are supporting it.

The cause of climate change in the US is solely due to the high consumption of fuels. And this needs to be taken care to not only improve the climatic conditions but to preserve the fuels as well.

The policy, known as I-1631, if implemented would charge the companies and industries a sum of $15 for every ton of carbon dioxide which will be emitted in 2020. This fine or charge is estimated to contribute around $1 billion to the annual revenue of the US. It is expected that the price would rise gradually over time. The weather experts say that this initiative would allow the state to reduce CO2 emissions by 25% by 2035, the state’s official target. Washington could use 25% for water and forests, 5% for healthy communities and 70% of the funds for clean air and energy investments.

Fred Krupp, Environmental Defense Fund President, has stated that it will drastically improve the climate conditions. Also, that limitation on the carbon dioxide will also reduce the level of methane; this initiative will further improve global warming. And probably it is the first time the states have taken the issue seriously.

The next question that pops up is that will this policy put some restriction on large industries like big oil who have recently announced a $4.8 billion third-quarter profit on Thursday? Or is the policy made only to restrict the small industries? Only time will answer these questions, but it is all about how the government is focused on the worries of climate changes and how the future will be for upcoming generations!

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