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Watch Movies and TV Shows Anytime, Anywhere with the Best Video Player Apps

One of the best things about mobile device screens getting bigger and clearer is that videos are looking better than ever before. In the past, watching a video on a phone could be somewhat of a letdown. However, now all you need is a good pair of headphones and you can sit back and enjoy your favorite movie right on your phone.

I love watching movies and TV shows, and the fact that I can carry them around on my phone to watch anytime, anywhere, is the icing on the cake. And, don’t get me wrong. I love watching movies in the theaters or on a large flat screen TV. But, when you are on the road, on an airplane or lying horizontally in bed, watching movies on your phone can be the best solution. However, if you want to enjoy movies and TV shows on your phone, you’ll need to use a high-quality video player to get the most from your experience. After testing several video player apps over the last few weeks, I rounded up my top 3 favorite video player apps and reviewed them.  

PlayerXtreme Media Player – Rating: 4.6, Downloads: 500K+

PlayerXtreme Media Player is one of my favorite video players. The main reason it made it to the top of my list is that you can playback any video instantly regardless of the format. No need to wait for videos to convert. I also like that it supports video subtitles, so you can watch movies in any language or without volume without missing out on the dialogue. Another plus I’ve found is that you can organize your videos into folders so you can find them easily later.

The only thing I’m not a fan of is the ads. Thankfully they don’t appear too often, and they are not intrusive. In the end, they do help pay for the app’s development. And, I can’t complain there because the playback quality is outstanding.

Pros: Plays any format, no video conversion needed, supports video subtitles, organize videos into folders.

Cons: Contains ads.

Overall: Play videos in any format without the need to convert them, although you will see ads occasionally.

VLC – Rating: 4.4, Downloads: 100M+

Another player I really like is VLC. I was familiar with the desktop version, as I’ve been using it for a couple of years. When I heard that it had been released as an app, it was a no brainer for me, and I downloaded it right away. And, I am pleased to say that the excellent performance of the desktop version is mirrored well in the mobile version. I also really like that you can easily adjust audio and video settings, such as the equalizer, brightness, aspect ratio, filters, and more. Another plus is that you can control the playback setting with a widget directly from your home screen.

I noticed that some users have reported glitches with the latest update. Although it didn’t happen to me, apparently the files of some users have been duplicated or deleted at random. Thankfully, the development team has been very attentive and responsive to any reported issues. So, hopefully, the fix is released soon!

Pros: Excellent performance, equalizer, customizable video settings, widget.

Cons: Glitch on the latest update.

Overall: Enjoy smooth video playback for movies and TV shows right on your phone, although you might encounter some glitches until the next update is released.

Power Media Player – Rating: 4.3, Downloads: 1M+

Last but not least, my third pick is Power Media Player. I must start by saying that this is much more than a video player, as you can also play music or even create slideshows of your photos. Among the features I really like are the variety of video enhancement tools, as you can easily adjust the contrast, lighting, and color of any video with a single touch. I also like that you can create playlists of your favorite videos, music, and photos, so you can enjoy uninterrupted playback of all your favorite content.

Learning how to use the variety of video playback and editing tools can take a bit of trial and error, as there are no tutorials or manuals on how to use them. However, I’ve found that it is easy to figure out how to use the features after spending a couple of minutes with the app.

Pros: Play videos and music, photo slideshows, video enhancement tools, playlists.

Cons: No tutorial.

Overall: Watch videos, listen to music, and view photo slideshows, all in one place, although there isn’t a tutorial to guide you through the features.


These are my top 3 favorite video player apps. I personally use PlayerXtreme Media Player the most, as I find the playback quality to be superb. However, I also find myself using VLC often as the performance is also excellent and it lets you customize video playback settings.

As I was doing some research for my list compilation, I came across a site that listed the best 10 video player apps. If you want to delve a bit deeper, I suggest you check it out.

Best 10 Video Player Apps

So, if you are not crazy about my picks, I’m certain you’ll find something there that you’d like. For all video lovers out there, if you haven’t gotten your hand on a video player app, now is the time to do it! With these apps at your fingertips, you don’t depend on a TV or computer to watch your favorite movies and TV shows! 

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