We Finally Have Our First Look at Black Holes And It’s Shocking!


Wednesday was the day when science went to a whole new level and provided us with the living proof that Black Holes does in fact, exist. A team of international scientists captured the first-ever image of the light-sucking monster hurdling across some 500 million trillion kilometers away from us. The image, however, is not a result of one telescope piercing through the emptiness of the space. Eight radio telescopes (The Event Horizon Telescope) were planted across the globe to record massive data which later resulted into this beautiful piece of the historical event.

Theorized by Albert Einstein years ago, Black Holes have always been the center of discussion for many physicists. After endless observations and theories, many conclusions regarding these giant bodies have been made. Black Holes have a gravitational pull so powerful that no matter can escape the field. Forget matter, even light fails to avoid Black Holes. Though scientists have put their blood and sweat to understand how and what Black Holes are, there is still a lot to know about these monstrous space bodies.

The image shows a bright ring of gravity-twisted rings circling the Black Hole. Since it swallows the gases around, the bright orange light is the superheated gases falling in the hole of nothingness. The light emitted by these burning gases is brighter than the brightest star in the universe. That is why it is visible so far here on Earth. The reason why this image is so crucial for humanity is that it is extremely hard to study and observe Black Holes because of their inescapable gravitational fields.

By mere observing the image, scientists have concluded that the Black Hole is 6.5 million times heavier than our own Sun, and is far bigger than our Solar System. Researchers also believe that it is one of the biggest Black Hole in the whole universe. There is so much left to study these giant monsters of the universe. This image is a helping hand for scientists to study and pull out more about these celestial entities that look simple but are extremely complex to understand. They raise questions about space, time, and heck, even our existence. Pretty sure not much time before we know each and everything this beautiful yet confusing entities have for us.

There are two ways history would be taught now. One before the discovery of this image, the other, after this historic event.

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Mike Brown
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