WhatsApp integrations generate so many benefits for a business that not doing it would mean losing out on countless opportunities to increase your brand reach, gain new customers, retain existing ones to grow your business.

WhatsApp integrations in a business is like enzymes in a human body—they catalyze processes so that they run faster, better, and more seamlessly. Plus, you only have to do it once to lay the groundwork and kick things off and then it’s a question of taking full advantage of everything it has to offer and reaping those benefits.

Increase Readability

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again, and we’re not afraid to repeat it whenever needed: WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app in the world.

The numbers speak for themselves—there are a whopping two billion WhatsApp users globally and growing. That’s a huge pool of potential customers you can tap into by simply integrating WhatsApp into your business. Sure, customers can already reach you through traditional channels like phone calls, chatbots, and emails. But given the app’s popularity, WhatsApp should be at the forefront of it all. That’s because integrating WhatsApp into your communication efforts isn’t just about adding one more way for customers to contact, it’s by far the most convenient way. WhatsApp also ranks among the most used apps of the past decade, beating out even Gmail.

2. Combines the Best of Tech and Human

One of the best features of WhatsApp business is its automated messages to facilitate your customers with the information they need as quickly as possible. When set up properly, they can be fully trusted to speed processes up and reduce inefficiencies, especially when no customer service agents are available to attend to them. But leaving it all to technology can have its drawbacks. Though automated replies can help to reduce response time, not all problems can be resolved this way.

3. Provides Quick Responses and Resolution Time

Immediacy is inherent in text messaging and WhatsApp is no exception to this rule. By integrating WhatsApp into your customer service processes, you open a two-way channel with your customers that encourages swift interaction and quick replies. This results in a back-and-forth communication that’s much more efficient than old-school contact forms and emails. In their place, WhatsApp offers customers prompt answers and quick dispute resolutions.

4. A Secure Channel for Exchange of Information and Data

One of WhatsApp’s biggest selling points is its end-to-end encryption, which guarantees a secure and safe environment. Everything sent through WhatsApp can only be read and accessed by chat participants and no other third party—not even WhatsApp themselves.

WhatsApp Integration: Ways To Do So

To start, list your WhatsApp Business number on your website and give it as much visibility as possible. Instead of simply adding the number to your contact page or footer, we recommend adding a WhatsApp chat button to your website that opens up a WhatsApp conversation with you.