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What are Neutrik Connectors: Specification and Types

There are certain connectors and brands that are the most well known and talked about, in this case the brand that may fit the description would be Neutrik. Neutrik has a very long history and a very wide range of products that can be used worldwide, making the brand more recognizable for everyone.

Basic History on Neutrik-

Looking into the past of Neutrik and the history that revolves around it, beginning for their roots in German that has been around in the market for approximately 40 years. Having countless amounts of connectors that are known as “the go to connector” in all markets, surrounding themselves with one of the best reputations as a brand.

There are various types of connectors that Neutrik has under its portfolio that may be for the different market industries, starting for the OpticalCON, EtherCON, PowerCON, XLRs, SpeakON, BNC and more.

What really makes Neutrik stand out the most is the fact that they cater towards both the fiber optics side and the regular connectors, this can be seen with their OpticalCON and the XLRs and any similar connector. It would be best to go into details on each side and some other connectors to get a better glimpse on their specifications and the different types there are. Learn more about Neutrik Connectors price in UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman & Saudi Arabia.


Looking into the opticalCON it can be seen that there is a wide range of connectors under the title of opticalCON, some of the well known ones may be the opticalDUO cable, opticalCON QUAD cable and a few other ones, it may get confusing at time when it comes to looking at their specs as they can all seem the same. The easiest way to look at them and to have a better understanding is to breakdown the different opticalCONs that are under Neutrik’s selection.

OpticalCON DUO LITE is a 2 channel fiber system, has a new fiber design that has improves the bending performance. It has a matt black outer jacket and is also available in multi-mode and single mode. As there is such high demand for quality in fiber connectors that can be used in all sorts of applications from patching, interconnection of devices to permanent or temporary installations. As a connector it offers a very high performance and is cost effect, has a lightweight design that would not cause a hindrance to those using is as well as it being compact.


  • Waterproof acc. To IP65
  • Push-Pull locking mechanism
  • Easy to clean
  • 2 channel fiber optic
  • Plastic housing- lightweight
  • Compatibility with opticalCON DUO chassis

Where as for the OpticalCON MTP it is a lightweight yet rugged 12-channel mobile field cable, it has a black PUR outer jacket and is also available in single and multi-mode. It has various features from a spring loaded push and pull locking mechanism, is well protected against all types of dirt and dust as it has an automatically operated sealing cover.


  • 12-channel rugged fiber optic system
  • Point to point multi-channel routing
  • Spherical shutter that requires low maintenance
  • Water and dust resistant.


The XLR connectors also has various types of them, all with different features and uses, from the XX series, EMC series or even the RX series. We will go into one XLR from each series to see some of the differences between them.

NC3FXX is a 3 pole female cable connector that has a nickel housing as well as silver contacts. They are the successor of the X series and offers many more newer and better features, that have now made them more reliable much easier to assemble and cable strain relief.


  • Unique hologram branding- authentic Neutrik product
  • Ergonomic design
  • Improved solid metal latch (larger and easier to handle)
  • And many more

The NC3FRX is another 3 pole connector, with the main difference being that is a right angle connector that has a nickel housing and silver contacts. This connector falls under the RX series that is a right angle version from the XX series, as well as being a successor of the RC series by adding newer features onto the connectors that helps with many improvements.


  • Slim right angle connector
  • Unique hologram branding- authentic Neutrik product
  • Ergonomic design
  • Available colors rings or booth for identification
  • More improved chuck type strain relief (higher pull out force- faster and easier assembly)


As for the PowerCON series connectors, they include many features from being a strong and reliable and lockability.

The NAC3FX-W is a female locking connector that is waterproof. The locking device is much needed as to guarantee a safer power connection that would not be hindrance to others.


  • Highly reliable and strong
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Easy and fast twist and lock system
  • Recognized UL components
  • ENEC certified

Finally the last connector that we will be having a look at today would be the NAC3FCA that is under the powerCON series. It is a 3 conductor AC connector that has contacts for line, neutral and pre-mating ground contact. All the powerCON connectors have a locking system known to all, making them a very reliable connector to go forward with.


  • (Blue) Power-IN avoiding possible intermating
  • (Grey) Power-OUT avoiding possible intermating
  • Easy and fast twist and lock system
  • Highly reliable and strong
  • Ergonomic design
  • Unique hologram branding- authentic Neutrik product
  • SEV approved
  • VDE certified

All of these mentioned connectors have many more features and advantages that they provide for them to be under such recognized connectors worldwide.

Going through all these connectors, you can really tell the difference between each one from the features that are included with each one and their brief descriptions. If you were looking for Neutrik connectors in your region, they are pretty simple to find as they are practically everywhere- search for their local distributor on their website if you can’t seem to find any results on other platforms.

You can see the use of all sorts of Neutrik connectors in various types of industries that require the utmost best quality and reliability, that is one of the most significant features that is included within all connectors. Read More news at Storify News

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