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What Does It Take To Become a Blockchain Developer?

While blockchain could prove beneficial to numerous organizations, there is a reason companies have not been able to take full advantage of this technology. And the reason is lack of skillset in the technology. Considering that there has been a upward surge in the blockchain related jobs it is surprising why there is a dearth of a professional in the blockchain technology.

The answer lies in expertise. Recruiters are seeking not only educated professionals but also certified blockchain professionals. Certified because with certifications there is a third party validation of the skills a blockchain developer possesses.

Certifications and Blockchain Developers – What’s the Deal

There is no particular deal. But yes certifications increase the trust factor and ensure a hiring manager that an individual is a dedicated professional and wants to stay updated in his field.

As a certified blockchain developer you would have the following advantage.

  1. Certifications would help you stay updated in your field
  2. Since certifications come with a validity period, they ensure a recruiting manager that you are eager to learn new things in the technology.
  3. Blockchain developer certifications would also put you ahead of competition
  4. You would gain respect from your professional peers
  5. As a certified blockchain developer you would have the opportunity to earn more.

Blockchain Developer – Skills You Need to Learn

To become a blockchain developer you should be able to think logically and how to quantify the data. As a blockchain developer you need to be adept at the various programing tools like OOPs, procedural language.

In addition to that flat and relational database should be on your fingertips.  Along with a deep understanding about data structures that include Stack, Queues, LinkedList, Tree, and Hedera HashMaps. Being aligned with the time and resource complexity of data structure querying would also be helpful if you want to become a successful blockchain specialist.

But all of this need to be substantiated with the credentials. Since credentials/certifications only add to your qualifications and skills. And this is where blockchain developer certifications would come to play.

While there are numerous certification bodies offering blockchain certifications, do remember that the best certification program should be –

  • Vendor neutral
  • Add value to employer
  • Enhance your employability factor

Based on the above facts, you could choose blockchain certifications from certification bodies like Coursera, Imarticus, Central Blockchain Council of America or CBCA and Edureka. Each of these certification programs have certain prerequisite that you would have to fulfil in order to be eligible to apply for the same. The criteria are based on your skills, qualifications and experience.

With the help of certifications, you would be able to get past the basic obstacle of finding a job, and you would enjoy a better job security. Certifications would also help you in getting a much coveted promotion in your organization.

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