What Is DLT, and How Do You Register on DLT Platforms?


Aimed at anyone who wishes to become a DLT SMS verified entity as per Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), this article talks about the what, why and how of DLT platforms

Blockchain technology empowers all the participants of a transaction in comprehending with certainty about all the happenings and confirms that all parties see the same information without needing an intermediary and any additional data reconciliation. Let’s understand Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), the framework that underpins the entire blockchain technology.

What is a DLT?

DLT, or the Distributed Ledger Technology, is a registration system based on blockchain technology that records all transactions made by a business. The only goal of TRAI DLT regulations is to make the system transparent, counter the SMS spam threat and shield the consumers from fraudulent activities. TRAI has mandated all firms that use Bulk SMS services to register their business, sender IDs, and SMS templates on the DLT platforms

The DLT platform TRAI is issued in the public interest to limit deceitful practices and render more inclusive safety to all the end-users. Moreover, these latest TRAI guidelines curb all unsolicited commercial communications and advance the subscribers’ privacy.

Why is DLT important?

By registering on the DLT platforms TRAI, not only does the business benefit unimaginably, but it also renders excellent advantages to the customers. 

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Customer Benefits

  • It eliminates spams and frauds.
  • Blockchain technology offers remarkable security and reliability.
  • The option for telemarketers and enterprises to register separately gives higher transparency.
  • Customer consent is given high priority as, without it, businesses cannot send SMS to them. Additionally, they are also given the option to select the slot timing at their convenience.

Enterprise Benefits

  • It enables the company to approach customers with a highly targeted outreach.
  • Since all headers and templates are already registered on the platform, it becomes convenient for the business entity.
  • It leads to more reliable communication with the interested customers.
  • The entire system makes it easier to reach the targeted audience with improved marketing practices.

What is the DLT Registration Process?

The entire DLT registration process is hassle-free, and enterprises can complete the process in the easy-to-follow steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the DLT portal. Different operators have their platforms. For instance, you can connect at AIRTEL DLT for Airtel and https://vilpower.in/signin/ Vodafone. 
  • Sign-up as an enterprise and enter your Business PAN details.
  • Enter the correspondence email address and password and complete the OTP verification.
  • Upon completing the sign-up process, log in to the portal and complete the form by filling in all required details and documents.
  • After the registration, you will receive a temporary registration number, and your account will be activated in 48 hours after reviewing the documents you provided.
  • Upon account activation, you can log in on the DLT panel with your credentials.

Documents Required for the DLT Registration Process.

  • Proof of Authorized Signatory
  • Proof of Identity and Address
  • Parent entity’s consent letter
  • Business PAN Card
  • Service Agreement
  • Self-certification by authorized signatory
  • Company GST or a declaration on company letterhead in case GST is not available
  • Authorized Person ID
  • Sender ID authorization
  • Consent Letter to the telemarketer
  • Authorization letter (Client)

The decentralized nature of DLT makes them immune to cyber-crime. Moreover, the concurrent sharing and updating of records make the entire process faster, more effective, and cheaper, rendering exceptional potential to DLT platforms to transform the way institutions, governments, and corporations work.

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