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What is Industrial Automation?

An Industrial automation has entirely transformed the manufacturing scenario. With industrial automation, the evolution of technology has touched new milestones. The ever-increasing rate of population in the world brings with itself a rising demand for goods and services. Sans industrial automation, handling this demand would have been impossible. Artificial intelligence, along with the power of robotics, has taken mass production to a new level. Technology has facilitated the meeting of goals that would have been humanly impossible.

What is industrial automation?

With the start of the industrial revolution, large industries increasingly began to employ machines to manufacture goods, which significantly altered the then standards of consumption and supply behaviour. Since then, industrial automation has streamlined the manufacturing process with minimum human help. It has allowed us to maintain a consistent standard of product quality, cost-efficiency and boosted workers’ safety. Some advantages of industrial automation are:

  • It minimizes work-related accidents and promotes worker safety by reducing human involvement with heavy machinery.
  • It ensures 24*7 production that can take place throughout the year, which enhances productivity and revenue.
  • It is highly cost-efficient since it helps in reducing labour-related expenditure.

Industrial automation is now a complete set of technology that brings together other tools like Programmable Logic Controller or PLC, PLC Software, SCADA systems, and HMI. All these equipment are brought together with the help of industrial automation software, which ensures the smooth flow of information and control. 

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Let us see how Programmable Logic Controller, SCADA systems, and HMI help in automation.

Human Machine Interface or HMI

HMI ensures the exchange of data between humans and machines. It allows the monitoring of the production process and instantly responds to changing production demands. It offers awareness about control devices by raising alarms whenever there are errors or technical snags. This helps the operator undertake appropriate measures as the situation commands and avoid unnecessary delays or accidents.

Programmable Logic Controller or PLC

PLC is an industrial-grade computer device prearranged with customised PLC software to overlook automatic processes in the industrial setup. It receives data through sensors and other linked input devices, process this data, and ensures production accordingly. They are also programmed to resolve problems. 

Programmable Logic Controller

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Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition or SCADA 

SCADA systems supervise industrial functions by accumulating real-time information through several linked devices like PLC, sensors, pumps, etc. The SCADA system also collects the data for research that helps in better decision making. SCADA systems present information using an HMI panel. SCADA systems also assist in the remote management of tasks by allowing managers to observe data from the central plant.

The Industrial automation is still evolving, and several functions are still outside of automation. As technology updates, we will see more and more automated industries that will further transform manufacturing and delivery. 

Schneider Electric India has a firm grip over innovations in industrial automation, and they have been bringing the best solutions to their customers. They offer automation solutions like PLC software, SCADA systems, HMI panels, etc., of high durability and excellent performance. To find out more about these, visit the Schneider Electric India website today. 


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