What is RCS Messaging? Everything You Need To Know About the SMS Successor!


RCS Messaging, The good old text messages that we have known since the 1990s are not performing up to the mark today, it seems. There have been so many innovations in the tech world, and keeping pace with that has become a little taxing for text messages. Unlike Facebook, WhatsApp, or Telegram, these messages do not support images, GIFs, videos, etc., or even group messaging or encryption, for that matter. Text messages also come with a character limit and often fail to get delivered in case the network is bad. Even though they lag behind in terms of these developments, they are still very much in use, and many businesses use bulk SMS services to reach out to the masses.

What is RCS Messaging?

What is RCS Messaging? – Rich Communication Services or RCS is a protocol that is gaining momentum as a suitable alternative for SMS. Communication happens between telephone carriers and between a phone and a carrier. It allows for the exchange of information that goes way beyond simple text messages.

The Need for RCS

Despite so many issues, text messages continue to be loved by the public. To make these messages more compatible with modern tech today, phone manufacturers and cell phone service carriers have come with RCS messaging, also known as Rich Communication Services messaging. It is an innovative approach that makes text messaging more conversational, like WhatsApp or Facebook. Therefore, it also allows the exchange of media like images, videos, stickers, GIFs, documents, etc. There are also options for read-receipts and viewing texts in real-time. Furthermore, real-time audio and video streaming is also possible, and the images that are exchanged have high resolution.

The Convenience Factor

Today, RCS chat is offered all over the world by Google to android mobile phone users who make use of the text message app (default setup). It is the main platform for text messages across all android phones. Some companies have even partnered with Google to make this a default service with the phones their brand offers. If your phone does not have this service, you can download the same from Google Playstore and get started!

A Potential and Powerful Replacement

RCS is all set to replace SMS in the future. The growth at this moment is happening very slowly, so it will take some time. Eventually, with protocol ageing, the transition can be expected. RCS was first formed in 2007, and Google formally announced that it has been working with prominent service carriers to boost its adoption. This led to the formation of ‘Chat’ that enabled people from all over the world to stay in touch with each other, and that too, effortlessly. 

What is CHAT?

Chat, which is a protocol, will work provided your cell phone supports it. For it to be fully functional, many supportive factors are required –  carrier compatibility, for example, being one. Most importantly, the person you are sending the message to must have the same supporting features, else the message will never go through. This protocol also allows people to chat using mobile data or Wifi. In a nutshell, if both parties have Chat on their phones, then group forming, media exchange, real-time typing, etc., can happen quickly. 

Right now, we just have to wait and watch how RCS pans out in the years to come and whether it will gain the kind of popularity that SMS did. There has been too much of moving forward and taking a few steps back in making this method the best out there, so as long as that continues, we cannot afford to be optimistic with the timeline. However, what we can look forward to is how RCS takes shape in the coming years.

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