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What is the origin of “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!”?

It comes from cock (rooster) fights … They fought to the death. The cock that won and the respective owner were WINNER & WINNER … pointing to the cock and the owner.

It was common to berate fellow “punters” (gamblers), that they were betting on chicken dinner. (The losing cock was dead … and became Chicken dinner.)

Thus Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Cockney rhyming slang adopted it into other gambling situations. Rhyming slang – Wikipedia You ready to take home chicken dinner? (Proclaiming that they were going to lose.) If your bird was berated as scrawny or a “sure fire loser” (was gonna get cooked) … you’d have “to make soup out of it” because there wouldn’t be much left. You were “in the soup”, if you could not back the wager. (in the soup became slang for ‘in trouble’ as you would be, if you couldn’t cover your bet.) Cockney slang is often slang on slang and hard to decipher the original origin.

In the 1930’s a labor dispute between a candy maker and his employees was arbitrated so that both the company and the employees were considered winners. One of the candies the company made was named Chicken Dinner. The lawyer in the arbitration grabbed headlines by proclaiming “Winner, winner, Chicken Dinner!” News coverage of the agreement resulting in subtly changing the original meaning relating to gambling.

Guy Fieri, currently a food network host and chef, proclaims it whenever he has just tasted something well above average as a win … “Winner winner chicken dinner … That’s a win in my book.”

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner‘ is one of PUBG facts that you should know if you are like play PUBG. came from a chat on a small road during the Depression (which the US had experienced around the 1920s). They usually play something that doesn’t always use money, but when they use money and win, then that means they can buy chicken for dinner, “explained Guzman.

Even so, the literature on this subject is still limited and Guzman allows the phrase ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner‘ to come from English slang.

So, that’s the explanation of the origin of ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ which actually still has no valid explanation. But, this phrase is also known to be used frequently in gambling activities in the 20th century. In PUBG, you mean maybe you have been lucky to have won the battle. So if you get chicken dinner, it means you got the winner. To get winner winner chicken dinner on PUBG game. I will show you Best tips to get chicken dinner on PUBG game and read this also Best equipment and item PUBG.

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