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What Needs to be Considered before Buying a House?

If you are thinking to move, change or purchase a house then there are some steps which are highly recommendable for you which help you in dealing with real estate agents and seller. You become able to examine the overall house performance that which parts of the house need to be repaired or replaced and which things you need to consider before finalizing the housing contract.

Bring the real estate agent with you
Initially took a complete round of the home which you are going to buy but do not final the home without a person who has a thorough understanding of home buying and selling criteria. Because the person like real estate agent has a better idea about changes, repair, and contracts.  On the other hand, you also a bit idea and understanding of how we can find and buy a good house. Secondly, find a professional realtor near your street that will further increase your experience while checking the house more seamlessly before moving in that house.

Few necessary items you need to bring with you
You just not to bring the realtor with you only, but also a copy of the inspection report, contract statement of real estate, a mobile with a camera, and a notebook and a pen to write down any detail information regarding the broken household items in form of notes. Because it will help you in a better understanding of the home condition. If you take a few pictures of home you can share these details with your family and friends, might you a few more ideas regarding price range and home betterment.

List down the household items included in the contract
Before you going to take a final decision and going to sign the contract statement with the seller,don’t ignore to mention the household items are included or excluded in the contract statement with the sale of the house. You also need to check the household items currently present in the house or not. Because there is a list of household items which includes furniture like bed, dining, fans, and chairs and others which seller most of the times agree to provide you with the house and consider that there is no need to mention them in the final home sale contract. We recommend to must mention these things in the final contract. There is no hesitation to remind the listing agent about the household belongings in the contract to avoid confusion in future.

Check which household item need repairing
According to my experience, almost every home needs some repairment after few months to maintain the good condition of the house. However, before moving to any house you need to check separately each and every corner of the house, non-furnished spots, disfigured tiles, home yards, washrooms, kitchens, balcony of the house and the household items if included in the contract and highlighted the places which needs to be managed properly. Furthermore, broken appliances, electrical problems, and other non-working electronics should be addressed during the inspection of the house.
Afterward, you and the realtor should have noticed the items and makes a list of the items that need to be repaired or replaced. Pass this list to the seller and ask them to fix or replaced the damaged appliances and furniture before your shifting because you don’t want to see any broken household items or disfigured parts of house which were asked to repaired during contract after shifting there. There is a list of items that should be checked while examining the home.

  • Microwave
  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerator and freezer
  • Garbage disposal
  • Light switches and electric panel
  • Doorbell
  • HVAC system
  • Garage doors
  • Light fixtures
  • Toilets
  • Sinks
  • Showers and bathtubs

Bringing own furniture
There is one more scenario like if you got your own enough furniture and don’t want the furniture and electronics to purchase with the home than you can ask your realtor that don’t mention these household items in the contract and result will be in deficiency of home rates because you are not availing the furniture facility. Than after finalizing the contract you can bring your own furniture when moving in this house through man and van service of Balham who bring your household items in a secure transportation with their professional experience and for availing this service you need to know how to choose a good company.

Find out plumbing fixtures
Mostly, we people keep focus only on the household items, tiles and painting of the home but forget to check the plumbing problems which are basic and the important needs of everybody. I suggest you to kindly check the plumbing of complete house specifically the kitchen and the bathroom. Check the kitchen sink working properly. You also needs to test the toilets flush and bathroom faucets as well before moving to that house with man and van balham.

Compare the condition of the house
You need to capture few pictures of the home clearly when you firstly visit it and find the specimens which needs to be repaired. Because you could know that the list you give to the realtor of the broken items or disfigured places get repaired or not. Because the home should be according to the same or better condition for which you made an offer.

Request warranties from seller
Don’t forget to ask for warranties of the electronics and other household items. Because may be a previous owner purchased appliances recently that there may be a warranty card for few items like microwave, stove, fridge, LED, dryers and more.

Request utility information
During the walk-through of the home you need to ask the seller for utility information. If you plan to change or using the same providers, than you need to fix a date and turn it off and turn it on according to your choice to avoid the previous utilities if seller has an any unpaid bills, you might not able to transfer the account over to yourself until it has been paid. All of such problems should be sort out before finalizing the contract.

Walk around the outside of the home
You also need to ask about the home outside lawn if available need any fixtures like fallen trees, disfigured home yard and hardscape. Because before contract you can ask about all these fixtures that are included in the house property.


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