What to Do Before Going for a Vacation


It would help if you took a vacation after working hard all year. Holidays are meant for traveling, relaxing, and spending quality time with family and friends. This is the time to have fun away from your daily work schedule. It’s disappointing that some people go for vacations leaving some crucial things unattended.

This article will look at some of the things that you should do before going for a vacation. They include:

Ensure there is security

Ensure that all doors and windows are securely locked and the locks are working correctly. If your house has a security alarm system, ensure it is turned on before leaving for your destination. Setup a deadbolt to render it more difficult for intruders to gain access to your residence.

Turn off the water

The one thing you do not want to encounter when you return home from a vacation is water damage. Turn off all water taps and cut off the water supply to your whole house before you leave to avoid disasters like frozen pipes, leaky heaters, and a ruptured supply line. This will also help you avoid water waste and unnecessary bills.

Stop newspaper and mail delivery

The United States Postal Service has made it simple to put your mail on hold while you’re away. This form is available online or on a postcard at the post office. If newspapers get delivered to your home, you should also contact the paper supplier to stop delivery for a while. With this ingenious alert system, you’ll know exactly when your mail comes.

Leave your car in a safe place

You can either leave your car at the airport or, better yet, at an off-airport parking facility that offers free shuttle services to the airport. You can park the car in your parking lot, garage or driveway, if you’re only going away for a short period, like a week. However, if you are going for a prolonged period, the best option will be to “share my car” through a reputable company and earn some money whenever someone uses your vehicle.

Water vegetation

Have a neighbor or friend water your vegetation while you’re away if you own a garden or flowers. Don’t forget about your indoor plants—they may require being irrigated as well, depending on the length of time you anticipate to look away and the plant species. You can also install an automatic system to water your plants, especially the indoor ones.

Clean House

Cleaning your house prior to your departure for vacation may seem frivolous, although it will save you the hustle to do a lot of cleaning once you return home. Tidy the bathrooms, thoroughly clean all kitchen countertops, and vacuum and wash the dishes at your very best. This will prevent foul smell build-up, especially from the plates.

Notify Your Banking institution

It’s advisable to contact your bank institution before going on vacation, particularly if you want to use a credit or a debit card linked to your bank. This reduces the possibility of the card being flagged for questionable activities and you being stranded with frozen funds.

Unplug Electronics

Many electronics consume electricity even when they are switched to the “off” state. Before going on vacation, disconnect electronics devices such as coffee makers, toasters, televisions, computers, and stereos. This will ensure that you avoid unnecessary power bills.

Clean the Refrigerator

One thing that you wish not to find when you get home is spoiled foodstuffs in the fridge. Spend a few moments to discard anything that may deteriorate or decay while you are gone, then clean off the drawers and the shelves.

As we have seen above, you need to do a few things before you leave for a vacation, lest you find a messy home once you are back. Ensure you do the above duties before you go on a vacation trip to prevent your home from becoming a mess!

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Kartik Raman
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Kartik Raman is a student of Travel & Tourism Management, Cricketer, Marathon Runner, Chess Player and a sport and gaming enthusiast. He has competed in many sports events such as Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon, Delhi Inter-zonal Cricket Tournament and many other tournaments, he is also the chess champion in his college IITTM, Noida. Apart from sport he has an interest in writing Traveling and organizing events. Kartik has conducted and lead many tours to nearby destinations from Delhi like Rajasthan, Uttarakhand and Himachal. He has also been a organizing member for events of International Society of Nephrology.


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