The Most Amazing White Peacock in India


Peacocks are gorgeous and regal birds, and they are native to India. The White Peacock is rare and beautiful, though not as common as its cousins the Indian Peafowl (green) and the Congo Peafowl (black). White Peacocks are an endangered species due to their colorful feathers, which makes them desirable for use in elaborate ornamentation in weddings or other special events.

White Peacocks have been featured in popular television shows such as Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern and Samantha Brown’s Passport to Europe . The pictures below show what a beautiful bird this truly is!

Where is White Peacock Found?

The white peacock is located in the southern part of India. It is a beautiful bird that is known for its feathers. The peacock is also known for its long tail. The white peacock is a national bird of India and it is also the state bird of Gujarat.

White Peacock Images

White Peacock
White Peacock
White Peacock India

Red Peacock

Red Peacock in India

What Makes White Peacock So Special?

The white peacock is a symbol of beauty and grace, and is considered one of the most stunning birds in the world. This bird is native to India, and is known for its long tail feathers and iridescent white plumage. The white peacock is also a national bird of India, and is revered by many as a sacred animal.

A Few Interesting Facts About the White Peacock

The white peacock is the national bird of India and is considered sacred by many Hindus. The bird is known for its beautiful plumage and is often used in weddings and other ceremonies. Interestingly, the male peacock is the only one with tail feathers that can reach up to six feet long! The female peacock, on the other hand, is usually about half the size of the male and lacks the magnificent tail feathers.

How Can You Visit this Bird?

The best time to see the white peacock is during the dry season, from October to March. The bird is found in forests and near villages in many parts of India.

Erric Ravi
Erric Ravi
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