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Why Dental Implants in Kingwood TX: King of Modern Dentistry

There’s a buzz about dental implants in Kingwood TX; they are the king of dentistry as they are the best option for restoring lost teeth.

Losing your natural teeth can be a traumatic experience. Whether you’ve experienced tooth loss as a consequence of an unfortunate accident, old age, or disease, you probably feel ashamed of your smile. And, it doesn’t matter if you lost one or two teeth or your entire mouthful! The embarrassment of missing teeth inhibits your smile.

However, there’s a relatively new technology available today that can help you want to beam your smile at everyone you meet all over again. The technology? Dental implants.

We reached out to Dr. Holly Gregory, a dental surgeon and specialist in dental implants in Kingwood, TX, and learned some amazing facts about tooth replacement.

Why you need dental implants or other replacement teeth

Have you ever known somebody with tooth loss who opted out of dental restoration?

Here’s a fact that your family dentist probably never shared with you—teeth are a necessary structure, and you should replace them if they are lost.

Here are three reasons why you should strongly consider dental implants post-tooth loss:

Teeth are supporting structures

Your teeth are supporting structures that literally hold up your facial tissue. Once the teeth are missing, the weight of the skin sagging begins to give your face a slack appearance. The more teeth you’ve lost, the more pervasive this look.

Chewing is the first step of the digestion process

Without teeth, you can face the onset of digestive issues. Your teeth facilitate the thorough chewing of your food. This isn’t merely a convenience, it’s the first step of the digestion process. Breaking down food into smaller bits starts your food off on a long journey through your digestive tract. Larger pieces of consumed food are more challenging for your body to digest. Tummy troubles often follow.

Onset of jaw deformities

As you lose teeth—or even one single tooth—the area of the jaw that surrounds the open slot can shift over time. This can cause atrophy of the jaw and muscles around it, jaw deformities, or TMJ, a painful misalignment of the jaw.

Undoubtedly, each of these facts strengthens the argument that you should replace your missing teeth. While dentures are the traditional option, dental implants are today’s gold standard in tooth replacement.

4 Reasons Why Dental Implants are King

Here, we share three reasons why dental implants are king and overrule dentures.

Superior appearance

Dental implants offer a superior appearance over dentures or obviously missing teeth. Dental technicians craft each implant individually and meticulously to achieve a spot-on look. Indeed, many patients who receive dental implants rave that their implant appears better than the natural tooth had!

Easier to maintain

Dental implants are far easier to maintain than dentures. You care for them the same way you have cleaned your natural teeth your entire life. So, there’s no new routine, extra products to purchase, or additional time spent soaking them. Caring for your teeth is not a daily chore, but it remains a natural routine.

Normal speech patterns

With dental implants, you leave the dentist’s office with your teeth firmly in place. Once the local anesthesia wears off, you will be able to speak normally. On the other hand, dentures tend to make clicking noises as you learn to navigate them, hampering your communications with others and causing you to feel reluctant to speak.

Overall more affordable

We will admit that dental implants have a higher initial investment. However, a recent article by the American Academy of Implant Dentistry points out that dentures are more costly than dental implants in the long-term.

Dentures need to be replaced every 5 or so years, and you need to pay for refittings yearly.  Plus, you must purchase the additional cleansing products week after week.

Conversely, dental implants require zero follow up care; just keep your six-month dental exams. You’ll be good to go! Plus, you just use your same old toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and dental rinse that you’ve always used.

The Bottom Line

Dental implants are a game-changer when it comes to options for tooth replacement treatment. While the initial outlay might cost more, the overall value, convenience, and beautiful appearance make them king of the dental world.

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