Why Kamala Harris is one of the Most Consequential Vice Presidents in History


Harris, the former California attorney general and San Francisco district attorney who joined the Obama administration in 2009 as the head of its Justice Department’s civil rights division, will serve as the junior senator from California, succeeding Barbara Boxer. She was elected on Nov. 8, 2016. As senators, Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein will be leading voices from California in Washington and together they will ensure that California has a powerful voice in shaping the policies that affect our state, said Gov.

5 Ways Kamala Harris Is Already Changing Things

Kamala Harris has already made a dent on the United States as its second female vice president. She’s already made a name for herself as a reformer and an advocate for women, people of color, and marginalized communities. But that’s not all she’s done. With just a few months on the job, here are some ways she has already changed things:
*Harris led the fight to restore DACA protections for DREAMers who have been living in America since they were children. *She called out Trump for his administration’s treatment of women during her speech at Women’s March 2019. *The senator immediately took action to protect LGBTQ Americans by co-sponsoring legislation that would provide federal nondiscrimination protections to LGBT individuals under federal law.

She made her position on President Trump clear before she was even sworn in

Harris, who has been a prosecutor and attorney general of California, was sworn in as vice president on January 20th. She made her position on President Trump clear before she was even sworn in. One of her first acts as VP was to speak out against the president’s executive order that would have banned refugees from entering the U.S., which he ultimately rescinded due to intense public pressure.

She gave a rousing speech at the Democratic National Convention

When she took the stage at the Democratic National Convention, Senator Kamala Harris did not disappoint. She delivered a rousing speech that invoked a wide range of issues, from racial violence and discrimination to economic inequality. In an especially stirring moment, she spoke about her childhood in Oakland, California and told her own story. I was born a baby girl named Kamala, she said. But I grew up too fast because our culture had too many expectations for me.

She’s good at keeping secrets, which makes her good at her job

Kamala Harris has been a public servant for decades, but she’s never been as influential as she is now. As VP, her job is to keep secrets. She’s so good at it that she was routinely called the female version of James Bond during her time as a prosecutor.

Her time as California attorney general shows how she’ll approach being VP

Kamala Harris has been serving as California’s attorney general for two years and has been a politician for more than ten. As AG, she’s been a formidable opponent to Trump–challenging his travel ban, defending DACA, and suing over voter suppression. In her first year alone, she filed 20 lawsuits against the Trump administration–more than any other state attorney general. For these reasons and others, she’s amassed an impressive list of accomplishments so far.

But she won’t be an ordinary vice president.

She won’t be an ordinary vice president. As the former state attorney general and San Francisco district attorney, she has a deep understanding of how the criminal justice system works from top to bottom. She’s been outspoken about her support for reforming policing, building trust between law enforcement and communities, and holding police accountable.

When it comes to running for president, we should all bet on her.

In 2020, we will have a chance to elect someone who has never lost an election. A woman of color with a powerful legal background who speaks every language, from English to Hindi. A daughter of immigrants from Jamaica and India. A graduate from Howard University and UC Berkeley School of Law. The first woman attorney general to serve in California and the country’s second-ever African-American female senator.
A progressive with a bold vision for our future — Medicare for All, tuition-free college for young people, money out of politics and bold criminal justice reform . And she might be running against Trump himself . In 2020, we should all bet on her.

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