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Why You Should Use Legal Apps To Stream TV Channels?

Entertainment getting much easy with smartphones having the solution to watch tv channels for the users what they want in this era. Years before there were no such facilities since the smartphone, data network market was not much developed. Now the time has changed a lot. Having a smartphone and bunches of apps added more and more entertainment as well as useful things for the users basket. The most promising and very wanted services are now very simple as the traditional markets of smartphone and mobile networks transformed in to the cheapest smartphones and having the data availability in cheap rate almost in all developed and developing countries. Along with this, the development of android and iOS platforms and well developed apps make it easy to establish a super effect on the entertainment of smartphone users.

TV channels streaming , online streaming of music, live gaming with friends no matter where they are (in different places) etc are the modern style of apps. May be gaming is of course for free, just by downloading the apk file and installed on smartphone. After that no charges needed to have them. There are TV channels streaming apps that stream live tv channels for the smartphone users. There are legal and illegal apps available in the market.

What is legal and Illegal TV channels streaming apps?

It is very clear that legal tv channels streaming apps are the services, they broadcast the copyrighted content with the prior permission from the copyright owners or institutions etc. They have rights to stream the tv channels live using the real time streaming protocol with the help of android or iOS apps. There is no any violation while you are having to watch these contents using the app. The apps may charge monthly subscription while watching or enjoying the services. There are a lot of services available which mostly own by a mobile network company to give such valuable services to their customers. for example, India’s Reliance Jio Channels and video streaming app, Jio Tv app having the agreement with the corporate having the rights of those set of channels to stream using their apps that are launched by them. The Jio mobile network users can access the tv channels free without any subscription charges, but only having a recharge on data pack. This is purely legal while watching using jio tv app since all the deals are between Jio and the channel broadcasters. There is no issue while using the apps which provides free contents for limit and have their premium services like sony liv, airtel tv, idea tv in india.

Distinguishing from the above content, we know that what is illegal app that stream channels online live. They are apps provides channels streaming services without having any permission to stream those channels legally. They uses third party loop holes while accessing those contents and stream online using apps. In Countries like USA, Canada etc have strict on these types of legal violation. (check on wikipedia)

Why should use Genuine apps to stream channels?

You should download and use the legal apps to watch your favorite channels online live. Of course there will be legal action or DMCA notices for those parties while getting these services notified. You should not use any illegal channels streaming apps. There will be legal actions while notices these services. May be the end users may not have any effect on these legal actions, anyway it is better to make precaution on it. Most countries should have the services. There are so many apps that are providing the real time channels streaming apps based on countries or having channels streaming from different countries.

How to distinguish Legal apps from illegal content providing apps

Obviously you should aware of using the channels streaming apps providing legally permitted than illegal content from the above detailed sections. Now you may have questions how to identify these legally permitted apps. It is very easy to identify those kind of apps.

  1. You should use the apps that are launched or owned by the well established providers or companies. Many mobile network companies launched such apps for their users. Do download their apps and install on your smartphone. They may be or may not be provide the channels free. But so many apps provides all time free for their customers like Reliance Jio apps (Streaming music with JioMusic app too) do. Some other give only limited access for their users. But having enjoying the service is too safe.
  2. Some channels provides apps to watch tv channels. In india, many channels have their own apps. Zee tv, colors etc launched exclusive apps for the people to watch their channels along with some other channels too. May be that paid or free.
  3. One of the better to know whether the app is legal or not, Just check the app is available on google play store. Google play store have strict laws and policies to have the apps the legal permission to use the third party products or services. They only publish the apps by checking these qualities. So while having the app on play store you can download the app from google play store or any other source in the internet.
  4. The apps that are illegal will not have any website that describing their services. You cannot get any official website, social media pages of such apps.

Here we have described the channels streaming apps that you can use legally andhow to identify those illegal apps. Just keep these points in mind while downloading and enjoying the services


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