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Why Your Time is Your Most Valuable Asset : Storify News Study

When to work : Whoever controls your time, controls your life, that’s an undeniable fact. In early childhood we are sent to school and are conditioned to accept having the vast majority of our waking hours completely controlled by someone else. In this way our minds are subjugated so that in adulthood we fall into the same routine of allowing others to tell us when to wake up, when to work, and when we get time off. Even fulfilling our most basic needs such as eating and using the restroom are tightly controlled at school and work.

Face it, when you’re a part of a system that controls your time so absolutely, you can hardly call yourself free. And yet no one questions this. Why is that? The answer is simple, because it has always been this way.

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When to Work

We Were Bred to Submit and Conditioned to Serve

Through out history there has been one thing that all cultures and civilizations around the globe have shared in common: the fact that the 99% have always worked themselves to the bone so that the 1% can live lives of privilege and excess. Those who resisted were executed, sometimes having their entire bloodlines wiped out. This ensured that the vast majority of humans were domesticated, and you and I are a product of this domestication which continues on to this very day.

Freeing Your Enslaved Mind

Slavery has been an ugly blight on the human species for millennia, but has become increasingly less popular in recent centuries. The reason for this is that it simply isn’t needed anymore. The masses have been so thoroughly bred to work for the benefit of a select few that the mental conditioning is already deeply ingrained in our DNA. Why go to the trouble of enslaving the body when the mind is already enslaved?

True freedom isn’t having your labor exploited for 40+ hours a week while the filthy rich politicians and pundits tell you that you’re privileged to live in the “freest” country in the world. True freedom is being able to wake up each and every day and make your own decisions about what you’re going to do with your time, rather than allowing someone else to exploit your time for their own benefit. This is why your time is your most valuable asset, because your time is your freedom.

Self-Employment is The Answer

I wish that I could tell you that being self-employed is easy, and that all you need to do to take back ownership of your time is to quit your job and become a freelancer, or start your own business. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

The ones who make the rules have made being self-employed a difficult journey. Not only are you solely responsible for your own healthcare, retirement funds, and paying higher taxes, you’re also responsible for your own time and money management – skills that many of us simply haven’t been taught.

That said, being self-employed is worth it if you’re willing to face the challenges that are set before you. There is nothing better than being 100% in control of when you work, who you work with, how much free time you get, and how you spend it. Furthermore, being able to charge what you’re labor or knowledge is truly worth rather than having some rich person pay you as little as possible for it is a remarkable feeling.

There are many avenues to explore when it comes to self-employment. You could be a freelance writer or a graphics designer. You could research

Shopify trending products and open a Shopify store. Or you could do offline work such as landscaping, property management, or masonry. If you have the ambition, the skill set, and know how to market yourself, then there really is no limit to what you can accomplish on your own.

In the end your time is your most valuable asset, and every day it’s slipping away. Take back control of your time, and take back control of your life before it’s too late. A whole world of possibilities are waiting for you if have the courage to break free of your mental conditioning and seize them.

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