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PET CT scan refers to positron emission tomography computed tomography. This is a kind of nuclear medicine approach. In this method there is a combination of PET scanner and CT scanner, and both these devices are used to acquire the images of body organs in the same session. The results are then combined as a single image which can also be called as the superposed image. PET CT scan is very useful to find out the information about the function as well as structure of body’s tissues and cells. Very high quality functional imaging can be obtained with the help of PET CT scan. This eventually helps in getting a holistic idea about the biochemical activities taking place inside the body. The doctor may advice pet ct scan in specialized cases where comprehensive diagnosis may be necessary.

The centre for pet ct scan

The facility of pet ct scan is specialized in nature. You may find such an option in hospitals or highly advanced labs. But the problem is that all sources may not have the advanced technology in this relation. Thus, if you are looking for the best centre then you can opt for Pet ct scan centre in mumbai. In Mumbai there are exceptional facilities for pet ct scanning and the rates will also lie within a reasonable range.

The reason why pet ct scan is done

There can be various reasons why a doctor may recommend opting for pet ct scan. With such a scan, idea can be obtained about the blood flow in the body, the exact state of metabolism, ability to intake oxygen etc. Thus when it comes to diagnosing the health related problems at the cellular level then pet ct scan proves to be really helpful.

Pet ct scan is very commonly used for detecting disorders associated with the brain, heart related issues, cancer etc. Thus, it will depend on the perspective of the doctor that what symptoms he or she is noticing in the patient’s body. If there is a need to do a comprehensive diagnosis then pet ct scan may be recommended.

Pet ct scans are different from the other kinds of tests. Such a test actually shows the changes taking place at the cellular level in the body. The utility of the test is that all the diseases origin at a cellular level and such a test helps in finding the exact cause behind deteriorating health.

What happens during a pet ct scan?

During such a scan the patient gets injected with a small amount of radioactive material. This radioactive substance will be absorbed by those tissues or organs which are to be examined. Then the next step is that the patient is asked to lie on a flat bed like surface and this surface then slides into a tunnel kind of scanning machine. The PET CT scanner will clearly identify the problems at the cellular level. The procedure will not cause any kind of pain and it is highly safe in the present times. The time for the pet ct scan will vary from situation to situation. If the body area to be examined is small then a little time will be needed. But if different parts of the body are to be examined then a lot of time may go in the process.

Once the pet ct scan is over then you will be able to perform the routine tasks without any hindrances. But the doctor may give you some instructions that how to manage the situation. The reason is that radioactive materials will remain in your body for some hours, so you should follow the guidelines provided by the doctor. You should drink lot water so that the radioactive materials get easily flushed out of your body.

Generally you will not get the report immediately. It will take a few days time and then you can pick up the report from the specified centre. After going through the scan results, the doctor will clearly come to know that what is the main reason behind your ill state of health and accordingly further treatments will be suggested.

Some important points that you should consider

There are various medical conditions where the doctor may not recommend going for pet ct scan. Thus you should never hide your exact state of health from your doctor. In cases like pregnancy, breastfeeding, diabetes, allergies etc. the doctor may suggest going for some other test instead of the pet ct scan.

When everything has been evaluated beforehand and the doctor is satisfied about your state of health then you can go for pet ct scan without having any fears in mind. Before the scan you will be asked to fast for a few hours. The doctor will guide you before the test and it will help you to take all the precautions as may be necessary.

Many people feel doubtful that if they are using artificial joints or pacemakers then whether pet ct scan can be performed or not. You should tell about this kind of situation to the doctor beforehand and generally in case of pet ct scan it is seen that these kinds of conditions will not affect the test results.

How to overcome your fears related to pet ct scan?

Whenever one thinks to get a major medical test done then there is a lot of fear and anxiety in the mind. But nowadays the technology is really advanced and safe. You should freely consult your doctor and explain about your fears. Doctors are highly trained to guide the patients and you will get genuine knowledge that how to prepare your mind and body before going for the test.

There are lots of people who are claustrophobic and for them pet ct scan may seem to be a very difficult procedure. In this case there is nothing to be worried of because the radiologist performing the test will guide you during the scan in a very friendly manner. You will undoubtedly find the best pet ct scan centre in mumbai and the scan results will help in deciding the right course of treatment.

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