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How To Schedule WhatsApp Messages On Android and iPhone

WhatsApp has its own first-party solution for scheduling messages it’s called “Away Messages”. This feature is only available to business accounts on WhatsApp. To use this feature follow the following steps:

1. Open the WhatsApp Business app.

2. Go to > More options > Business tools > Away message.

3. Once signed in, click WhatsApp from the app menu.

4. Grant the necessary permission by the following way, Go to phone settings and Enable Accessibility > SKEDit > Toggle on Service > Grant Allow.

5. To start sending scheduled messages enter necessary details like recipient name, enter message details and schedule a date and time. Messages can be sent at different intervals i.e. daily, weekly and monthly.

6. You are free to change your decisions anytime you want with features like “Ask me before sending”.

This method of scheduling messages is applicable on Android devices, to do the same on iPhone follow the following method: