5 Tips to Start Your Smart Home


Technologies are taking over the world. People use them on a daily basis. They play at the real money casino online, watch movies online and even work via the Internet. Moreover, people choose smart homes instead of traditional ones. If you are one of them, these tips will help you. 

Make a Detailed Project of the Apartment

Before the repair, you should already know where your furniture will stand, where the kitchen zone will be, where to hang a TV, where to stand a computer, how many lighting fixtures and where you can install. This will help determine the number of outlets, switches, and lighting zones. This is the most important stage of designing a smart home.

Get a Good Wi-Fi

Not all automation issues can be solved with wired solutions. So, your smart home should have a good, powerful and secure Wi-Fi router. Network coverage should extend to the entire apartment, there should be no dead zones, and the router should be able to handle more than a dozen clients. Experts recommend separating wireless internet for mobile devices and guests from Wi-Fi for smart devices and use a separate router for that.

Take Care of Security

A smart home is very convenient, but imagine what a nightmare your home could turn into if an intruder gains access to it. So, be sure to put good and complex passwords on your Wi-Fi, on your accounts from which you can access smart home controls. For zigbee based networks, it is important not to keep the permit join mode on. This is tantamount to unpassworded Wi-Fi, an intruder can hack into your smart home this way.

Choose the Right Device

One more thing you should do is to select the right hub to manage your smart house. These gadgets are the most popular ones:

  • Xiaomi Smart Home Suite. It’s one of the most affordable hubs today. It is a set of components. It includes the controller itself, a couple of sensors and a control button. Possibilities are not the most impressive yet, but with each new update, there are more and more features. Besides, more and more often different manufacturers present modern devices that can be integrated with Xiaomi Smart Home Suite. 
  • Google Home. It’s a more hyped hub. It is represented by a small Wi-Fi speaker with built-in Google Assistant. The search giant’s project is really ambitious, but there is still a lot of work. Of the interesting features we can highlight the support of the voice assistant, control of other devices in the apartment, including smartphones and TVs, as well as various services. 
  • Amazon Echo. It’s a counterpart to Google Home, only with its own proprietary voice assistant. It’s also quite an interesting project, which does not yet have enough features to really carry the title of the Smart Home system. Besides, the cost is not very favorable to buy, given the lower demands of other manufacturers.

Keep Researching the Topic

Research up-and-coming technologies, keep an eye on the smart homes market. Choose the marketplaces where you will buy the devices you need and get information about new technologies.

Erric Ravi
Erric Ravihttps://www.storifynews.com
Erric Ravi is an entrepreneur, speaker & the founder of Storify News and Gurgaon Times of India He is the Co-Founder of The Storify News Times. He was born and raised in Gurgaon, India, where he developed an early interest in technology and the internet. After completing his Bachelor's degree in Information Technology from a reputed university, Erric began his career as an SEO specialist. He quickly made a name for himself in the industry by staying up-to-date with the latest SEO trends and techniques, and he soon gained a reputation as a skilled and knowledgeable expert in the field.


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