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Welcome to! The Storify News Times is one among the world’s leaders in online news and information delivery to users from time to time. It is a multi platform news website which has been started with a mission to serve as a forum for better understanding of the happenings going on around.

As an innovator of news, we serve as a host to exhibit the things happening across the world today, tomorrow, and for the decades to follow. We cover different news categories such technology, Hollywood, Bollywood, business, entertainment, politics, sports, Real Estate, movie news, culture, Health etc., of different countries available across the world such as Asia, National News, Europe, USA, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, California, Texas, Dubai and everything in between.

Accurate, credible as well as from time to time, provides faster look on the happenings in today’s world and exhibits even far-reaching issues to the audience.

Looking forward for authors, contributors as well as partners for our website! If any of you are interested to become as a part of as a writer, reporter, editor, guest blogger or subscriber etc, go ahead and drop a email to us and sign up. We respond to each and every user without any hesitation!

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Storify News – About Us

Interim Editor in Chief: Mike Bravo
News Editor: Mike Brown
Politics Editor: Chrish Ball
Entertainment Editor: Ankur Pathak
Weekend Editor: Jeff Raffel
General Assignment Editor: Stella Bay
Vice President : Erric Ravi


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