Amazon’s Alexa to Offer Advanced AI Features for ₹418 per Month


Amazon, one of the biggest ecommerce platforms, is planning to add advanced AI features in the Alexa system. It aims to integrate the generative AI with two service tiers. According to reports, the revamped version, called “ banyan,” works as a superior version and is available at a $5 monthly fee.

After the expansive ficus trees, Banyan made a significant update to the voice assistant in 2014 with the launch of an echo speaker line. The new feature, dubbed “ remarkable Amazon Alexa”, is expected to be released with advanced features and new abilities. It is determined that the 8 former and current employees are involved in this innovation and improve its functioning.

CEO andy jassy has invested in this new Amazon’s project, but it is expected that amazon will push the august deadline for the new alexa version. In a recent letter shared by the team, Jassy shows the significance of the new Alexa version with more intelligent AI capabilities.

Insiders show the plans, including release date and pricing, on the basis of project banyan progress. One of amazon spokeswoman told to rueters, that we have integrate the AI features in alexa, and work hard for this innovative project. With this release, Amazon Alexa comes with new enhanced AI features and integrated components. It enables the devices in homes around the world and ensures trusted, personal, and active assistance for customers.

Moreover, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos aims to use the fictional voice computer from Star Trek. This service gives spoken responses to user queries, ensures the proper control of home appliances, and yields profits. Some employees of Alexa see the project Banyan and make efforts to revive Alexa and stay ahead in competition from other platforms like Google, Microsoft, and openAi chatbots competition.

It gains the attention of advanced facilities. Moreover, the restricting efforts of Amazon, including the layoffs in 2023, shows how many challenges are faced by Alexa. It is accessed through eco speakers and amazon TV, and keeps it popular for various tasks, like checking weather, setting timers, listening to music and answering questions. Due to its potential, amazon gets significant sales and prefers to make enhancements in their products, like Alexa. 

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Piyush Banerjee
Piyush Banerjee
Piyush Banerjee is an author and a passionate connoisseur of the world of media. With an appetite for knowledge and an insatiable curiosity, Piyush's writing delves into Films, Technology, Finance, Business, AI news and Security. Piyush has an innate love for storytelling, and has a fiction novel available on Amazon. He has been interested in Storify News for several years and is excited to make news more accessible and interesting to consume.

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