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A contribution to Storify News is different from a payment to wallet because it funds our internal growth initiatives and gives us discretion over the use of funding. Since we are 100% volunteer-run and we do not use any online donations to cover our own costs, we depend on our supporters to help us defray some of our own internal expenses for growth.

We are proud that we have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help students and schools around the world on an overhead budget of less than $500 per year, mainly for web hosting. A contribution direct to Storify News helps us build an important reserve fund to support our partners and gives us much more flexibility in leveraging the money to make a difference. Just as a few examples of how we have used direct contributions to Storify News in the past:

  • Web hosting and costs to support our photo and video galleries
  • Contingency support for our partners
  • Discretionary use of funds to help our high priority and/or time sensitive projects and scholarships
  • Working capital for events and campaigns
  • Working capital for our chapters for fundraising and awareness building
  • Seed capital for our Storify News store and other special initiatives
  • Prize money for Storify News-wide contests designed to raise awareness
  • Matching funding for Storify News-wide campaigns
  • Subscription services to charity grant making databases

By giving us discretion over the use of funds, your sponsorship dollars help us grow organically and extend our overall reach. If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please e-mail us at

Other Forms of Sponsorship

Many of our partners depend on in-kind donations to support their activities. We’ve helped collect library books, school supplies, clothing, used computers and monitors, among other important educational tools.

Furthermore, as a Google Grant award winner, we know the power of in-kind donations of marketing support, consulting services, advertising, public relations, graphic design, SEO, among other activities. We have been fortunate in the past to work with a myriad of terrific organizations such as Gigapixel Creative, AppNexus, Huddle, TechSoup, among others that have dedicated their services, talents, and products to help Givology grow.

If you would like to make an in-kind donation, please contact us at

Some of you requested the ability to make contributions to Storify News so that you can show your appreciation for our work or block ads without adverse feelings.


If you’d like to make a one-time or recurring contribution, use the Paypal buttons below.