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How to Recover Data from USB Flash Drive

If you have deleted important data from your USB flash drive, it is not a huge issue. Nowadays, there are many programs that perform fast and efficient USB flash drive data recovery on Mac. All you need to do is to start DiskDrill and perform a data recovery procedure.

How to Recover Data from USB on Mac with DiskDrill

To recover data from USB flash drive on mac with DiskDrill, follow the instruction:

  • Download DiskDrill and install the app. You can do it easily by following step-by-step instructions.
Recover Data from USB on Mac
  • Plug the USB flash drive where the data was lost to your Mac.
  • Start DiskDrive.
  • Select the USB drive where the data was deleted (you might want to select one partition only if you know which one).
  • Decide whether you want to scan and recover the data only or some partitions or their catalogues might need rebuilding. Select the needed option accordingly.
  • Revise the files that the tool discovered.
  • Select the files needed to recover.
  • Recover them.

What to Do if Your Mac Doesn’t Recognize the USB Flash Drive

But what can you do if your Mac doesn’t want to recognize the USB flash drive from which the data is deleted? How can you retrieve data from flash drive in such case? Learn more about How to Access a USB Flash Drive That Is Not Recognized on a Mac from this tutorial

The USB flash drive might not be connected properly.

This is one of the most frequent reasons why your Mac doesn’t see the drive. Fix the issue by removing the drive from the slot and then inserting it again. Did it help? If not, move to the second option.

Not enough power.

If the power is not sufficient for your device, it might simply not be able to manage a USB drive in addition to all the processes that your Mac handles. Connecting a self-powered hub would be the solution you need, and not only to this problem.

You did not eject the drive correctly.

If you haven’t ejected the USB drive properly previously, you might have such consequences now.

It is time to update your Mac software and firmware.

Yes, outdated software and firmware might be one of the reasons why your Mac refuses to see the flash drive. USB data recovery is impossible in such a case. But the good thing is that the is not complicated: update your Mac.

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Finally, your USB drive might be damaged or corrupted.

DiskDrill can help in such a case. This USB recovery software works with corrupted disks, as well. to use the USB disk recovery tool, first download and install it. Usually, a free version works in most cases. So, you can start with it. If you see that it cannot be useful, proceed with the paid option.

  • Connect the drive.
  • Run the flash drive recovery tool. If it requests your Admin password, provide it. You want your data to be back, don’t you?
  • After DiskDrill finds the firmware to recover, select the needed USB drive and click the Recover option. DiskDrill will start its work.
  • The tool will show you a list of files available for recovery. Do you see those that you need? If yes, proceed with the recovery. If not, upgrade the tool and repeat the procedure.

DiskDrill enables now files recovery even on “problematic” USB drives. So, if you lose your data, even if you format your disc, you have a chance to recover all. Just stop using the disc and start the recovery procedures immediately. 


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